Note to Self: Lose the Joy Robbers and Discover Joy Today

Joy, Happiness, Smile

Sometimes the disappointments we face absorb much of our energy and steal our joy. I have my share of daily joy-robbers, just like everyone else. I now counterattack them by not allowing them to easily steal my joy (anymore), leaving me empty, down and depressed.

Each day, I look for something that gives me joy and makes me smile. These things aren’t complicated, but simple little pleasures. Whether it’s seeing a new flower bloom in my container garden, a couple of goldfinches or cardinals perched on my banana trees, songbirds singing during the early morning sunrise, a hug or kiss from my husband, a yellow butterfly fluttering in front of me or the rambunctious squirrels chasing each other up and down the pine trees in my backyard, there is always something right in my presence that makes me grateful.

I now include these little gifts of joy in my daily journal and this makes me deliberately find at least one thing during the day to make me smile and reflect on the gift of life. Find your “awwwwww” moment today and enJOY it! Besides, it’s good for your health.


When You’re Smiling


Our faces assume various expressions that indicate happiness, pleasure, favor, mockery, anger or deceit. A smile is a healthy expression characterized by turning up the corners of the mouth. Today is Power of a Smile Day

Note to self: SMILE today! Here is a haiku reminder:

Just Smile!

An upside down frown
sweet, charming, friendly, happy
a warm, pleasant smile.
                                                                                   ©Kym Gordon Moore

Enjoy this classic song, “Smile” sung by Nat King Cole, featuring Charlie Chaplin. Don’t forget to smile today!

Celebrating National Smile Month in August

National Smile Month, Smiling, SmileIt takes a lot of work from the face to let out a smile, but just think what good smiling can bring to the most important muscle of the body… the heart.
~Author Unknown

Needless to say National Smile Month is pretty self explanatory. This facial expression formed by flexing the muscles near both ends of your mouth form an expression of happiness, pleasure and even involuntary anxiety. Sometimes smiling faces can also be deceptive.

Many say smiling is quite beneficial because it can emit confidence, reduce stress, lowers your blood pressure and even boosts your immune system. A smile is just a frown turned upside down. Do you remember any of these title songs using “Smile” that made you feel good?

Behind A Painted Smile – 1969 – Isley Brothers

Born With A Smile On My Face – 1974 – Stephanie De Sykes

Can’t Smile Without You – 1978 – Barry Manilow

Certain Smile, A – 1958 – Johnny Mathis

Crooked Smile – 2013 – J. Cole featuring TLC

I Love Your Smile – 1992 – Shanice

I Smile – 2011 – Kirk Franklin

Inner Smile – 2001 – Texas

Just One Smile – 1966 – Gene Pitney

Just To See You Smile – 1998 – Tim McGraw

Keep On Smilin’ – 1974 – Wet Willie

Make Me Smile – 1970 – Chicago

Make Me Smile (Come Up And See Me) – 1975 – Steve Harley and Cockney Rebel

No One Can Make My Sunshine Smile – 1962 – Everly Brothers

Sara Smile (won’t you smile awhile for me, Sara) – 1976 – Hall & Oates

Secret Smile – 1999 – Semisonic

Smile – 1954 – Nat King Cole

Smile – 1997 – Scarface featuring 2 Pac and Johnny P

Smile – 1999 – Vitamin C featuring Lady Saw

Smile – 2007 – Lily Allen

Smile – 2009 – Uncle Kracker

Smile – 2011 – Avril Lavigne

Smile A Little Smile For Me (Rosemarie; what’s the use in crying?) – 1969 – Flying Machine

Smiling Bill McCall – 1960 – Johnny Cash

Smiling Faces Sometimes (they don’t tell the truth; beware of the handshake) – 1971 – The Undisputed Truth

Sunshine Of Your Smile – 1980 – Mike Berry

Sweetest Smile – 1987 – Black

U Smile – 2010/2011 – Justin Bieber

When I See You Smile (I can face the world, oh I can do anything) – 1989 – Bad English

When My Little Girl Is Smiling – 1962 – Craig Douglas

When My Little Girl Is Smiling – 1962 – Jimmy Justice

Your Smiling Face – 1977 – James Taylor

One of my favorite “Smile” songs was the Charlie Chaplin song that Michael Jackson sang. It was based on an instrumental theme used in the 1936 soundtrack for Charlie Chaplin’s movie “Modern Times.” Life is still worthwhile, if you just smile. Listen and enjoy!