Today’s Rumination: Who I Was and Who I Am

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Who I was and Who I Am

Sitting on the cusp of quietness
I am injected with an elixir of solitude
I glance at the mirror in front of me and I see
watching my reflection staring back at me
questions, oh I have so many questions
I realize that many will go unanswered
but what I reflect on at this very minute
through the mistakes I made in the past
trying hard not to repeat them
but to learn valuable lessons because of them
I remind myself that I am not perfect
but I strive to be a better version of me
a better version than I was only minutes ago.
© Kym Gordon Moore

Oh, what a glorious day!

Image Credit: Anaya Katlego

After putting on a pot of coffee to percolate this morning, I walked to one of the windows facing the backyard and knelt down on the floor. This is my personal quiet time to pause before the hustle and bustle of the day begins. I breathe in slowly with my eyes closed. I am grateful for this time that I am free to just sit, and be.

When I open my eyes, I slowly scan the yard. Some of the trees have lost all of their leaves, and some of the oaks have yet to lose all of theirs even though the colors of autumn still remain in tack. Squirrels leap through the limbs of trees, and the early birds feast on freshly picked worms from the grass.

Although I slept well last night, I still feel exhausted. Perhaps it’s because I learned about several people who passed away in the last seven days. I’m still trying to digest all of this but I know that even though death is a part of life’s evolution, my heart still aches for all of us who suffer from the pains of grief, trying to take it one day at a time, one step at a time.

Yet at this moment, as I kneel here, watching the mallard ducks waddling out of the water headed towards my backyard, one of our Redtail hawks glides through the air like a kite on a breezy day, and the blue heron slowly and methodically strides along the water’s edge, trying to nab a fish. And, I think, life is still good, despite the disappointments. Suddenly, the coffee maker beeps, knocking me out of my temporary trance, and letting me know the coffee is ready.

black and white ceramic cup on saucer

But I don’t get up just yet. I am content with the peace that fills my gratitude meter in this present moment. Surprisingly, I no longer feel exhausted but energized. As I look up, the gray clouds are rolling away, revealing a marine blue sky and fluffy white clouds. That’s what hope looks like, and I like it like that. Even as my knees crack, I am still able to get up and praise my way through this new day.

Yes, I am hopeful. And while hope is not something we have, it is something we practice, every day! Have a FANtabulous day filled with gratitude and hope everyone!

Image Credit: Alice Pasqual

Thought for Today: Hit the Mute Button

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There’s a lot of noise and distractions swirling around us today. There are far too many people who seem to have things in order or those trying to do the right thing, who are falling into a trap of anxiety, panic attacks, feeling gloomy, and overwhelmed. Enough already! Enough already! Enough!

Tomorrow is not here and not promised. Yesterday is long gone, and there is nothing you can do about it. So step away for a while today. Push your mute button to silence the noise that’s aggravating you, and hit your pause button to freeze-frame the swirls of chaos trying to make you dizzy. Your health, your heart, your mind, and your spirit need not suffer due to the outside craziness. Not today, and tomorrow ain’t lookin’ too good either! Hit your mute button when you need to, and as often as you need to.

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Path of Solitude

Stop. Sit. Close your eyes. Inhale, then exhale, nice and slow.

Do you remember what peace, I mean true inner peace feels like? Or better yet in the rush, rushier and the rushiest swirls of life have you ever experienced uninterrupted periods of solitude?

I just finished reading the little book, “Smell the Roses” by Ellyn Sanna which contains practical messages by quotes and writings from many contributors you may know. I found that reading these spiritual passages out loud and slowly was simply tranquil and a reminder of how it behooves us to make time to embrace solitude and inner peace amid a hectic world.

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Find your personal space in a peaceful place!

Loneliness and Solitude May Look the Same But Aren’t

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Sometimes you need a little peace, quiet and solitude to re-energize your spirit, mind, and body. Solitude is the constructive and desirable state of being alone without being lonely. Yet there are times when loneliness surfaces and pierces the spirit and one’s senses like a fast and furious javelin. Loneliness makes one feel disconnected, alienated or rejected if such a condition has occurred for an extended period of time.

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Loneliness can feel like a trap as if you’re suffocating, imprisoned or drowning with no life jacket in sight. To heal loneliness isn’t to surround oneself with an abundance of stuff, money or with a crowd of people. One must break the negative cycle of behavior and thinking that created this type of spiritual incarceraion in the first place.