Poetry of A Summer Twilight Clear

Summertime, Poetry, Full Moon

Image Credit: Sheila Brown

As summer winds down and as the days shorten, if you live in an area where nature sings it’s daily and evening songs, you can’t help it when you are moved to momentary silence. It’s such a beautiful thing.

A Summer Twilight Clear

It came upon a summer twilight clear
I sit, surrounded by peace surpassing all understanding
I watched the birds retreat to their treetops
as a rambunctious squirrel scurried for his last evening acorn
strobing fireflies sparkled momentarily aglow
I looked upward towards the south eastern sky
and saw the face of the moon smiling in full brilliance
I smiled back and whispered all is well with my soul.

© Kym Gordon Moore


Summer Vacation

Summer, Summer Vacation, Water Park

There is a kid in all of us, and sometimes as adults, we tend to forget the freedom and joy it is to just be silly and do some fun kid stuff. Kids will be kids and as summer continues, youngsters are enjoying their vacations in spite of the sweltering heat. Believe it or not, back-to-school is just a few weeks away, so hopefully, you and your family will hit the road and experience the joy and adventure of doing fun things that kids would do, before summer runs out!

Summer Vacation

School is out for the summer
so many fun things to see and do
maybe I can visit national monuments
or see many animals at the zoo

I could go wild at amusement parks
swing on tire swings and splash in the lake
take a cruise on a huge ship in the ocean
or visit the beach for an old-fashioned clam bake

Perhaps I can go white water rafting
go camping and fishing too
I’m so excited about all of the fun things
so much to see and a lot to do.

So before I go back to school
my summer adventure will not be a bore
as I tell my friends about the fun things I did
filled with summer memories that I will always adore.

© Kym Gordon Moore

Hat Fun in the Summertime

Hats, Summer, Heat Relief Safety, Straw Hats

Let’s face it, the heat this summer is intense and can be extremely dangerous. Besides wearing sunscreen to protect your skin and staying hydrated while you are outdoors, UV sunglasses help to shield your eyes from harmful sun rays and sun hats are always a fashionable and chic way to stay cool and protect your head and face.

Hats with a wide brim to shade the face, head, ears and neck are great for sun relief safety. Sun hats, straw hats, hemp hats, fedora cloche hats, visors, Safari and Outback hats, ivy caps and baseball caps are fun, fashionable and functional.

Have a little fashion forward fun with hats this summer while you’re staying cool and protected from the brutally hot sun!

Spring Left the Building and Summer Has Arrived!

Summer, Summer Solstice, Vacation, Poetry

Whoo-hooooo! Today is the first day of Summer! The Summer Solstice arrived June 21, at 12:24 A.M. EDT.

Summer Pursuits

It’s time for a little hot fun
in the good ole Summertime sun
vacations at the beach or pristine lake
grillin’, cookouts, or an evening clam bake
drenched in silkiness of warm drizzling sweat
quench your thirst with a drink, ice cold and wet
summer reading, water skiing, road trips and more
leisure pursuits, relaxation not meant to be a chore
strolling through shady meadows, memories of yesteryear
that summertime madness is a state of mind oh so fresh and clear.
© Kym Gordon Moore

As we begin this new season, go for the gusto, make new memories and have some hot fun in the good ole summertime!