🏃🏾‍♀️ The Great Escape


What do you do, or where do you go to get away from it all? We may feel overwhelmed by stuff, and much of the time that stuff is not something we created. I know what I do to escape the craziness that tries to hit every point of my sanity, but what do you do to escape the craziness that tries to creep into your spirit, take away your joy, and shut you down? Do you pray? Do you shop? Do you take a trip? Do you take a walk in nature? Do you drink a cup of tea or take a long bath? Do you read? Do you dance?

Behind me, in a sometimes rapid chase
dread tries to steal my joy
but it can’t if I don’t allow it
does it think it’s playing with a toy?

I know I’ll certainly face challenges
this I know to be true
but the outcome based on my attitude
victory lines up, depending on what I do.

© Kym Gordon Moore

Are We Creating Our Own Homegrown Extinction?

Extinction, X posid

It’s hard to completely ignore daily current events taking place around the world, especially those in your own backyard. It appears that we are constructing, contaminating and saturating our minds, body, and spirits with internal grenades that are desecrating our wellbeing. Are we building unjustifiable internal bombs based on dictatorial and hateful external factors? Are we orchestrating the destruction of ancestral bridges that led to our current existence by annihilating the ability to build futures, and to be fruitful for generations to come?

At one point when I would watch the news on television, it was refreshing to stay abreast of world affairs and seeing the beauty and opportunity of what those places we’ve never been to have to offer. Through the years, little by little we are being fed a gradual change in narratives shining the spotlight on the ugly diabolical face of what and who we have become. Have we created ginormous monsters that are eating us alive from the inside out, numbing our will to feel with hope, compassion, love and the fulfillment of happiness?

After watching the news about the recent terror attacks in New Zealand last week, I once again watch flabbergasted and in total disbelief. The rhetorical questions still linger from our lips each time something so heinous happens, regardless of which part of the world it occurs.

Are we becoming aliens due to our well-crafted, self-inflicted operation of warfare against each other? Are we the true masterminds behind the killswitch to our own destiny by becoming Creation’s next great extinction? Let’s face it, the survival instincts in the animal kingdom pale in comparison to our “civilized” society. Where is the wisdom to prevent the thought of such extinction? Could humanity be rediscovered and respect for life recovered if we would only step out of the ring of intensified and unwarranted prejudices? Where is wisdom in all of this?

Ah, wisdom. We seek it but it does not flourish in the physical materialistic sphere we exist in. It is not something we can buy, or store in a bottle on a shelf. Wisdom is not temporal but lasting and fruitful. Wisdom is knowledge, along with understanding and prudence. Can opening our eyes, ears, and hearts to wisdom save us from self-destruction and extinction?