When Traditional Courtesies Are Appreciated

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Last month, I launched a campaign to get more support from North Carolina Mayors to issue a Mayoral Proclamation from their municipalities, recognizing April as National Poetry Month. Although this personal crusade was incredibly rewarding and quite an educational experience for me, it no doubt entailed a lot of intense work from start to finish. I was honored and grateful to get the support from 18 mayors throughout the state of North Carolina. Here’s a link to a press release that was distributed on yesterday to shed a little light about the project: Poetry, Proclamations and Eighteen North Carolina Politicians

I often raise the bar for myself in certain areas of my life, which can be challenging and rewarding at the same time, but I don’t think it is ever something that I regret. I just received a beautiful thank you note responding back to a thank you I sent to each mayor for their participation. Not only did I send my appreciation through e-mail, but I also personally wrote a letter of thanks to each one of them. The letter I received was from the Mayor of Asheville and I am truly humbled by what her last sentence was:

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My mother especially, always instilled in her children that you thank people for giving you a gift, doing something for you, blessing you with something or complimenting you. Her message about how she feels about poetry touched my heart and her mention about hand-writing my note to her was truly humbling. Although my fingers were sore and cramped from writing 18 letters right behind each other, I think the pain was a definite gain! That extra personal touch through a hand-written note or card was a tradition I try to practice as often as possible. If my mother were alive today, I think she would be happy that I listened to her wise advice!

*Note to Self – Keep stationary, stamps, good writing pens and my Thesaurus on hand at all times! Ya just never know!

What Happened to the Meaning of Thank You?

Did someone recently give you a gift, greeting card, donation, flowers or assisted with a project that you found difficult to handle by yourself? Were you pleasantly surprised from this unexpected present or assistance? As the recipient, how did you express your gratitude to the giver?

There is strength and power in the phrase “thank you.” The significance of saying thank you for receiving any act of kindness does not seem to be a priority for reciprocation as it once was. The importance of these two words are literally…Read more

Thank You Letters: 5 Reasons Why They Are Important

In the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, sometimes we take the dependability, kindness and faithfulness of those in our household, people we work with or friendships that are dear to us, for granted. If we aren’t careful, we could miss out on the opportunity to thank certain people for the special things they’ve done, before something tragic happens.

There are numerous categories of letters to compose such as, reference, introductory, cover, appreciation, apology, recommendation, business and thank you letters. Verbally, a simple thank you weighs more in weight than gold. However, a written expression of gratitude is priceless! Now-a-days, taking the time to write a thank you letter may seem taxing, but it shows appreciation, as well as personal and professional etiquette.

Here are 5 reasons why thank you letters are vitally important:

1. Thank you letters, notes or postcards are great marketing tools for businesses.

2. They can be the “one” thing that will give you an edge over other candidates applying for a job, to a prospective employer.

3. A thank you letter will make the recipient feel appreciated.

4. They show you care, when you’ve taken the time to sit down and write one.

5. It is an act of courtesy and sincerity, while expressing individuality.

If you are not savvy in writing letters, there are templates and letter writing services that are great helpmates when needing assistance for composing thank you letters. A number of greeting cards, note cards and stationary are designed to give your letters a look of elegance and distinction. A handwritten letter is personal and more impressive.

If you are the recipient of any particular act of kindness, was given the opportunity to showcase your credentials or perhaps for recognizing an employee who goes above and beyond the call of duty, surprise them when they least expect it, with a thank you letter.

Thank you letters can be simple, informal and not complicated. They will bring a smile to someone’s face, touch their heart and make them feel good about what they did to invoke the reason behind you sending them a thank you letter in the first place. Even if you thank them verbally, if possible, follow it up with a letter or note. It can make your day, just as much as it will make theirs.