For the Tiniest of Things

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“If you can find even one thing to be grateful for, it will restore you to the Light. Please, dear God, let me always feel gratitude for something, even a tiny thing, in even the hardest situations.” -Unknown

Before we can truly appreciate the great things, we must first stop, look and listen to the smallest of things that could make a bigger and more rewarding impact on our hearts, minds, and spirits. It’s not complicated but takes just a few moments of your time to reflect. Have a FANtabulous day everyone. 🌞


Thankful Thursday Thoughts

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You know it’s hard to feel grateful and hopeful when crazy stuff is swirling around us all the time. I don’t need to tell you what those things are, but human-made disasters, natural disasters, injustices, crime, corruption, diseases, pandemics, and death are just a few. It’s easy to say, “don’t worry about those things,” but I’m saying to you right now, don’t worry about the things you can do nothing about.

At this moment, in our hurriedness, busyness, and craziness, just STOP already! Let your mind relax and let go. Think about one thing that makes your heart grateful right now. Allow that gratitude to bring peace to your spirit and open your eyes to the blessed beauty surrounding us at this very moment. You don’t have to say a thing, just clear your mind and allow peace and gratitude to engulf your spirit. Have a wonderful and FANtabulous day my friends! 🥰

Make Every Day Count

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        Yesterday isn’t tomorrow, and tomorrow is yet to come. How do we approach each day? Do we pause to be grateful that we got up to see this day? Are we so oversaturated and engrossed with unrealistic human expectations that are proven to drive us into a state of insanity and make us miss such a sacred blessing? We can become so smitten by our human standard of rules for believing, conceiving, and achieving but there can be a downside to our definition of what thankfulness looks like. If it doesn’t feel good, we don’t want to feel it, and if it does feel good we think we deserve it. Well, perhaps.

       So how do we find gratitude amid that sense of dread, that dark side which flies through the air, getting caught in our throats trying to choke us to death? Life, through all of its simplicity and complexity, has a way of throwing us off track, where gratitude is nowhere to be found or to be expected. Gratitude isn’t based on a merit system but is a divine show of humility and grace. Gratitude is an attitude, an emotion that is not snobby but compassionate. Sometimes just getting up can be a battle for many. Far too many people did not wake up this morning, but you did. I am inspired by individuals who endure some of the most challenging things and express how grateful they are for being blessed with the gift of life. If you can get up, sit up and rise up, then you have more reasons than you can count to have an attitude of gratitude at this moment, and for this day. Today, I am grateful for today. How about you?

Motivation to Improve Our Situation

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My Morning Thought!

Don’t risk losing your compassion, heart, and humanity. Envy and negativity can be corrosive and such corrosion can destroy our sensitivity and peace of mind. Be kind to yourself. Count your many blessings and show great gratitude for the grace given to you!

A Whiff of Gratitude

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I awaken to this new day

a day where I inhale a whiff of pure gratitude 

this gratitude is not because everything is going right

but that I am still going

in spite of how crazy and in disarray things may look

here I am

I can complain but I won’t

I’m still standing, as I look outward and then look within

I embrace this moment like sipping on a soothing cup of hot tea

I may not know where I will be, but for now, I know where I am.

There are days when you wake up, whether dreading the day or excited about it, and your gratitude for being present is the best fuel to get you started and get you through the day.

Cut the Crap

Complain, Gratitude, Thankfulness

We wake up each new day preparing to embark on our usual daily tasks. Yet all too often, we really do not pay attention to how much we have a natural tendency to moan, groan and complain about heading out to work, or school, what we are going to wear, or even what we are going to eat for breakfast. Rarely during those moments of complaining do we think about people who have no job but want to work, those who want to get an education, but are unable to go to school, or those who are hungry and would give anything for morsels of the food we waste to cut their hunger pains.

If we would just pause and truly embrace our opportunities, blessings, and freedom that is available to us in some aspect every day, we will resist the temptation to sound selfish and insensitive to others who don’t have what we have and instead be grateful for what we’ve got.

“You Never Miss The Water Until The Well Runs Dry”

Happy #WorldGratitudeDay

How Do I Thank Thee, Let Me Count The Ways!

Thank you collage from Kym Moore and From Behind the Pen BlogJanuary is National Thank You Month. “Thank You” is an endearing term used to express gratitude to someone for an act of kindness they’ve shown to you or for a special gift they gave you. Since we are commemorating “National Thank You Month” this month, I pulled out a couple of old articles I wrote about this expression of appreciation and the gratefulness that we should demonstrate every chance we get, regardless of what day it is.

What Happened to the Meaning of Thank You and Thank You Letters: 5 Reasons Why They Are Important

Thank you for letting me share this opportunity of gratitude with you today!