Today Is a New Day to Be Grateful Anyway

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Open your arms wide, and embrace the gift of thanksgiving today. Allow the vibrance of light to permeate your spirit, blossoming into a burst of energy that floods your being.

Now look, everyone is going through something that is challenging their mind, spirit, or body, be it great or small. We hold on to an ounce of courage to get through the day or through our night, even when restlessness disrupts our sleep. Gratitude has a way of puncturing the net of challenges, that tries to drown us in a sea of dread. We are more than conquerors. We simply have to come to terms with accepting our victory. Nobody told us the road would be easy. Those who said it would be easy were sadly misled.

But, we didn’t come this far to give up now. Be grateful because there is always someone else who is worse off than you, and would rather be in your shoes.

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Gratitude is Loving, Generous, and Compassionate

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Be thankful.

Be loving.

Be generous.

Be compassionate.

Have a Heart.

This message is simple. This message is clear. No matter how you slice it, there is always room to be thankful, loving, empathetic, and kind to form a compassionate heart. Have a glorious day of thanksgiving everyone. 🙏🏽

It’s Been 12 Days, My Heart is Full, and My Gratitude Meter is Off the Charts

Oh, my dear friends, seasoned and new, I had to pause here and take a deep breath as I ruminate on my gratitude quotient since my book launched 12 days ago. When I say that I am humbled, grateful, and overjoyed by some of the most endearing things and congratulatory expressions many of you articulated about my book and mission, I sincerely mean it from the bottom of my heart. Sheer joy and delight engulf my spirit, and when I tell you I’m verklempt, I really am. It’s hard to express in detail what my heart feels except pure joy.

In appreciation for all of the reblogs and mentions over the last 12 days, I want to thank all of you for the outpouring of continued support, love, and encouragement I didn’t see coming. My eyes are big, but not that big. 😲 All of you have shown me a compassionate heart of support that is undeniably genuine. This has taken my breath away in more ways than you can imagine. Thank you, with heartfelt appreciation, even though I couldn’t name every one of you.

But now, I would be remiss if I didn’t thank the following people who have been amazing cheerleaders out of the gate or have been so kind to reblog my blog posts. I am so blessed to be in their orbit of energy.

Cindy Georgakas, Unique Times with Cindy

Michele Lee Sefton, My Inspired Life

Ned Hamson, Ned Hamson’s Second Line View of the News

Alma White, Unholy Pursuit, Devil on My Trail

Dwight Roth, Roth Poetry

Gypsie-Ami Offenbacher-Ferris, Gypsie’s Wonderful World of Words

All of you have no idea how much my heart is flipping as we speak. That excites and energizes me for this journey! I am truly blessed. Thank you all for being such an amazing part of this experience. Just remember…


Thankful Thursday Thoughts

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You know it’s hard to feel grateful and hopeful when crazy stuff is swirling around us all the time. I don’t need to tell you what those things are, but human-made disasters, natural disasters, injustices, crime, corruption, diseases, pandemics, and death are just a few. It’s easy to say, “don’t worry about those things,” but I’m saying to you right now, don’t worry about the things you can do nothing about.

At this moment, in our hurriedness, busyness, and craziness, just STOP already! Let your mind relax and let go. Think about one thing that makes your heart grateful right now. Allow that gratitude to bring peace to your spirit and open your eyes to the blessed beauty surrounding us at this very moment. You don’t have to say a thing, just clear your mind and allow peace and gratitude to engulf your spirit. Have a wonderful and FANtabulous day my friends! 🥰

The Altitude of Your Attitude for Gratitude

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        How high does your level of gratitude reach? Now everyone has written about some angle of gratitude, but to grow in thanksgiving, you have to let some things go to see the big picture, in order to rise, like mercury in a thermometer. Life has thrown some curve balls that even astonish Major League Baseball pitchers. Either these curve balls will knock us out, or we focus and fire away by hitting them head-on and out of the park.

        The altitude of our gratitude depends on our attitude of appreciation for gifts that are not simply based on materialistic gains but on how stronger we get in the midst of adversity. Quite often, it is expected that gratitude comes automatically, when things are going great. Ah, the good life, and we think we are happy right? But when you can be grateful in the midst of trials, hardships, and exposing scars on your knees and elbows, along with those unexpected mishaps, oh honey, that raises the mercury on your gratitude meter. You are able to give a strong testimony as you reflect on how you survived your most traumatic tests.

        Each day, find something to be grateful for. Just one thing. The benefits of gratitude lead to greater compassion and empathy for others. Gratitude can improve our overall well-being, mentally and physically. Gratitude enables you to give more when it seems like you’re running on empty. Gratitude also helps you to get a better night’s sleep and helps you to smile more. Now, with benefits like that, there’s no reason not to be grateful for something every day. Be awakened, nourished, and transformed.

💖💖💖 To you my dear friends, I am truly grateful for you! 💖💖💖

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Count Your Many Blessings!

Thanksgiving Day, Give Thanks, Gratitude

Image Credit: Linnaea Mallette

Today is definitely a different day of celebration, probably for some a difference we’ve never before experienced. Although as we celebrate Thanksgiving Day today, may we look at the deeper purpose and depth of meaning this day brings to us.

While there may be very few sitting at your dinner table today, do not despair, but be grateful for the small gifts that life gives us even if it is not on a grandiose scale.

Peace to all of you. Stay safe and remember to count your blessings.

Happy Thanksgiving!

My Thanksgiving Thoughts and Requests

Thanksgiving Day, Gratitude

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Undoubtedly this year is going to be a Thanksgiving to remember, or more importantly one that we will not forget. At many tables this year there will be some empty chairs and place settings. The stress of food preparation the night before and the day of this holiday will probably be less than usual. 

Be grateful.

There are many who’ve been displaced as a result of the effects of this pandemic. Still, there are many who have no place to call home right now because they may have been evicted due to income losses. 

If you have a place to call home, be humble.

My request for Thanksgiving is to focus on life that abounds around you not just on Thanksgiving Day, but every day. Say a prayer for the scores of families who’ve lost loved ones due to the COVID-19 virus this year and weren’t able to say goodbye. Also, pray for those who lost loved ones affected by debilitating and fatal diseases they suffered from for quite a while now.

Be thankful for the breath of life.

My Thanksgiving request is for all of us to truly look into our hearts, embrace compassion, and then give compassion. Be understanding, edifying, and not selfish. Don’t think about the extravaganzas of sales, but uplifting others who really need somebody to lean on. Reach out to someone who lost a loved one this year or send them a card to let them know you’re thinking about them and brighten their day. Let this time leading up to this holiday celebration be one that we ruminate on and that helps to define or redefine the type of people we truly want and need to be.

Do not take your health and wellness for granted. Be fruitful. Be empathetic. Be loving. Be happy. 😀

With Humility, Be Grateful

Linnaea Mallette, Thankful

Sometimes God reminds us to pause and reflect on how truly blessed we are and how grateful it behooves us to be when we witness the brave and passionate perseverance of those who lack so much. We have to remain determined to forge ahead, no matter how difficult the path and refuse to give up.

Be thankful.

Hello December!

Claudette Gallant, December

Well y’all, here we are, the final month of 2019. How did the month get here so fast some of us have expressed in cataleptic surprise?

Hello December!
As we close out this last month and glance back at the last eleven months, we think about what was, what wasn’t, and what could have been. We celebrate the lives of those births and deaths of loved ones and close acquaintances we hold dear to our hearts. We evaluate the failures and victories of what worked, what didn’t and spinning the wheel of anticipated fortune.

Hello December!
While I didn’t bother making new year’s resolutions at 12:00am on the first day of the first month of this new year (I stopped with making resolutions years ago) I will continue to set realistic and meaningful goals to serve my purpose and to continue to produce the fruits of my spirit, imagination, and creativity, embodied in love so I can continue to be a viable contributor to this life God created me to be.

Hello December!
It’s good to see you. Talk about humility and thanksgiving. 😀 🙂 😀

Will the Real Black Friday Please Stand Up?

kai Stachowiak, Black Friday

For over a month now, way before Halloween, I’ve seen ads for Black Friday sales from car dealerships, to department stores, to furniture stores, and even to online sites. Now, initially, we know that Black Friday falls on the day after Thanksgiving right? You know, that infamous shopping day where people seem to go off their meds, busting through store doors like storm troopers acting like ballistic maniacs while pushing their out-of-control buttons to fight someone over that one-something that is supposed to be a great deal? Yeah, that day! :-/

Then there’s Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday. Yet, people wonder why this most wonderful time of the year is absolutely stressful, exhausting and makes some people become a vicious character making Ebenezer Scrooge look like a boy scout.

Our emotional buttons of “want” start beeping like a nuclear explosion and we seem to lose all sense of common sense like an uncontrolled runaway train. Yet, has the objective of Black Friday been diluted by pre-selling way too early and way too often? Bah humbug! 😦