Standing on Shakey or Solid Foundations in a Fragmented Crowd

Piotr Siedlecki, Foundation

We have choices, the free-will to do what’s right or wrong, to love or hate, to help or hinder.  When in a crowd of diverse individuals what choices do we make to contribute to the solution instead of being a source of the problem? 

Do you tend to wallow in weakness sinking in the quicksands of shallow thinking? Or, do you stand faithfully with strength as your feet are planted on solid ground in togetherness, with liberty, justice, and hope? Here’s to the fulfillment of life in the essence of humanity and the pursuit of happiness. Let’s commit to doing the right thing, right here and right now.

Crowd Standing, Circe Denyer

The Poetry of Walking in Unity

Lee Wag, Poetry

Walk in Unity

Walk in unity oh children of the Light
a house divided will inevitably fall
practice the divine fruits of the Spirit
one faith, one baptism, one Lord for all.

No matter how big and no matter how small
each person possesses a precious gift
an important piece of the universal puzzle
to unify, to uphold and to uplift.

For when we feel weak
it is then we are strong
with faith, hope and trust
we can never, ever go wrong.

We stick to the fight
when we feel the hardest hit
with resiliency and even-temperedness
walk in unity and vow to never quit!

©Wings of the Wind, A Cornucopia of Poetry

Divided We Are Weak and Crumble, but United We Are Strong and Stand

Unity, Division, Learning

We are deafened by the unrelenting noise of divisiveness and evil tremors that shake our spiritual core. To speak with the tongue of the learned and to hear with the ear of the learned, we cannot turn away, flee from or rebel against the light of righteousness.

We walk in the fire of our gifts to listen, seek, learn, teach and embrace. If we do not live in a united front, we shall die in a divided pit.

The poetry of togetherness.

What If Wednesday: Strengthening Humanity


Image Credit: James Childs

Civilization. What if the quality of our existence depends on how we treat people outside our tribe? Where would we be without people?

Remember humanity and reflect on how you want to be perceived and treated as a person. In our pursuit in all areas of happiness, we have the power to unite and strengthen humanity when we stop labeling, trolling, bullying and stereotyping innocent people. Simply remember the elements of decency and respect we want to receive from others and then imagine how much better uniting humanity would be for our health, our world and our spirit. What if?


We Have To Talk, We Have To Listen

From Behind the Pen, Conversations, Eleanor Roosevelt, Quotes

Sometimes topics that become rather awkward to discuss are avoided like the plague, and very often are the ones that drive a great wedge in between us. Whether we notice it or not, our passion about those subjects can either make us defensive or highly offensive.

We are going to have to learn to find common ground, by having a heart to heart-filled dialogue about addressing the “elephant in the room” gap that divides us. Throwing in a little compassion and understanding wouldn’t hurt either.

What topic do you have the most difficulty talking about? Religion? Race? Gender parity? Politics? Poverty? Discrimination? If we don’t talk about those subjects we tend to shy away from, we will only continue to harvest generations of dissension and never find true harmony and understanding. Now, can we talk but more importantly, will we listen?


Stop and Smell the Orchids

Orchids, diversity, Flowers

I love orchids, but I have not been able to successfully grow them like I can with other plants and flowers. I came across this montage of beautiful orchids and the name of the image was “Orchid Diversity.” I noticed some exquisite characteristics in each of the photographed flowers and thought, “God, your creation is so breathtaking on so many different levels.” 

This is an artist’s canvas. Even with the most subtle looking orchid, like the one pictured in the center, it still possesses accents that give it a unique, distinguished look. If we would stop and look at each other, subtracting our political, religious, gender, and socioeconomic differences and affiliations, we will note that we share an amazing multicultural bond in the human race, like these orchids share a fragrant and colorful bond in the flower species. 

After watching the unfortunate and turbulent events unfold in the news over the past 11 days, I needed to take a sanity break from the insanity. When I came across this picture, for the moment, it did the trick. In their quiet and stately gaze, these orchids allowed their beauty and brilliance to shine in a rainbow coalition of peace and tranquility. Why can’t we embrace our unique characteristics and instead of hating, try to recapture the uniqueness that makes us human and the true caretakers of creation that we were meant to be?