Really? I’m an Idiot for Leaving a Voice Message?

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Yep, I know I addressed this concern before, but I heard a comedienne mention this again a few days ago and I just had to state my case once more, whether anyone agrees with it or not. So, here we go.

A few years ago while on one of my social networks, I read comments a few people made about how crazy and lame it is for people to actually leave voice messages when calling someone’s mobile device should they not answer. Yeah…and? They go on to say that if you see my telephone number pop up then you should know that means you are to hit me back (return their call). Really now? Don’t telemarketers, robocallers, and phone scammers do stuff like that? Dial your number and if you don’t answer they hang up? Are you suppose to call them back too? OK, so I know I’m sounding quite facetious but I do have a point here…again you don’t have to agree with me, but I’m taking up for all of my fellow idiots who practice proper phone courtesies.

So, tell me why is this feature on the phone if we are to avoid using it? Having several people accidentally call me without leaving a message, I worried that something was wrong. I called them back after seeing their number show up a few times, only to have them tell me they must have accidentally hit redial or that the phone was in their pocket and the redial key was accidentally hit. Ok, that I can understand and accept.

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I suppose I am just old school and learned many moons ago that one of the proper phone etiquettes mean if you want someone to return your call should they not answer their phone and they have a voicemail or answering machine, then leave a voice message letting them know that you needed to speak to them and to return your call at their earliest convenience. Can someone please tell me how idiotic that is? Ok, so you’re telling me people just don’t practice proper phone etiquette like this anymore?

Call me a dinosaur, but I suppose I am still going to leave a voice message if you don’t answer. I won’t assume anything, because you’ve heard what they say about assumptions right? Geez, Louise! :-/


Scratch My Head

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OK, I know that I can be a little slow sometimes trying to understand how people communicate these days, but there is a gnawing question that I really need someone to explain to me.

What is so lame about calling someone and leaving a message on their voicemail should you want them to call you back? I ask this question because I came across a comment one day on Facebook where someone posted how stupid it is to leave a message on a voicemail. They commented that no one in their right mind leaves a voice message anymore. They went on to say that a person should automatically know that if someone calls you and you see their phone number show up as a missed call, then that means they want you to call them back!

What the what? So, exactly what is the voice messaging system for if you don’t want to leave a message for the person you are calling, so the recipient can call you back? When I phoned a couple of people in my family whose number showed up as a missed call, but they didn’t leave a message, I thought something had happened. They proceeded to tell me that they accidentally called my number and didn’t want anything.

Typically, proper phone etiquette warrants an individual to cordially leave a message if you want someone to return your call or if there is something you need to inform them of. Somehow, I guess I missed the new phone etiquette rules and need someone to please help me with this ‘Scratch My Head‘ dilemma. Seriously, this is something I honestly cannot wrap any form of logic around.