REBLOG: The Timely Aesthetically Pleasing Idea: We Are Poetry

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Unexpected and blessed surprises always fill my heart with indescribable joy. As I was scrolling through my reader earlier, I landed on the following post, which was beautifully composed with such amazing and detailed precision. I am so grateful and truly humbled to Selma Martin for submitting this outstanding review of my book, “We Are Poetry: Lessons I Didn’t Learn in a Textbook.” I am even more impressed by the number of books she has read and reviewed. If you are on, please connect. Thank you so much Selma once again for this awesome review!

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The Timely Aesthetically Pleasing Idea: We Are Poetry

Firstly, this is not a poetry collection but, as you must have gathered from the title: We Are Poetry: Lessons I Didn’t Learn in a Textbook by Kym Moore is a book about poetry made up of real lessons the Author learned about poetry. It’s a book packed with a retelling of experiences lived and wisdom gained. And we, the readers, are invited to listen and share a spark to continue the conversation about poetry.

Secondly, I’m merely 65% done with the book, and my heart is imploding with a desire to tell you about it. I will finish it before I know it, but even at 65%, I have an excellent idea about this book.

I purchased the digital copy early in the year and read it on and off, struggling with the print size on my phone. Not fair.

And all my attempts at having it read to me (iPhone function I adore) were in vain. But some miracle happened of late, and I breezed through so many chapters. But let me warn you: the beauty of this book is in chewing the words slowly. It’s like a slow, soul-cooked meal that demands introspection. Perhaps while sipping tea.

“We are simply a constellation of bodies swirling in a giant golden teacup of human magic.” — Author Kym.

Throughout the book, you will discover the many beautiful ways this Author’s mind is a well of inspiration in the ways she pairs aesthetically pleasing ideas into marriage: between science and poetry, tea and poetry, an empty box and poetry, innovation and poetry, between you and me and poetry, and so on and so on. Golly, this is a refreshing way to root for, understand, and let poetry embrace the “whole” world. Because, indeed, we are poetry! 

As you read, your eyebrows will get a good workout, as will your heart: in amazement and disbelief. So be ready for this. Mine got a good workout with one story I will relate as concisely as possible. I must tell you about this episode Author Kym Moore encountered in the first year she was selected as one of the World Book Night volunteers for the U.S.

“The concept behind World Book Night (held annually on April 23) was to give away free, special-edition copies of books written by well-known authors to people who were not avid readers. The goal was to encourage and motivate these recipients to read more. During my first year as a World Book Night volunteer, I chose to give away “I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings” by my favorite poet Maya Angelou. I offered my free copies (20 books) to an organization I thought would take advantage of this gift and opportunity. The response I received was not quite what I expected,…

I would be honored if you clicked here to continue reading more of Selma’s lovely review.

So Long National Poetry Month, Hello to a Year of Poetic Love

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Boy does time fly. I can’t believe this is the last day of National Poetry Month. While this monthlong commemoration may be over, the joy, love, and celebration of poetry aren’t. So, as we give the month a proper send-off, we open our arms to the year-round excitement that we hold fondly in our poetic hearts, which flows to our poetic minds, and filters through our poetic fingers and toes. Oh, what a feeling! We love you POETRY!

Joining More College Library Shelves to Celebrate Poetry

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To me, libraries are the command module for continued learning and knowledge distribution. I am honored when my books grace the shelves of public and higher education libraries. I am so honored to have my book “We Are Poetry: Lessons I Didn’t Learn in a Textbook” included in the catalog assortment for the campus libraries of Queens University and Johnson C. Smith University in Charlotte, North Carolina.
It is no secret that illiteracy is a tragic concern in our country and around the world. It brings me great joy when higher institutions of learning add the vibrant culture and diversity of poetry to their library bookshelves. I am excited and humbled beyond measure that my latest book was considered to join the ranks of other noteworthy publications on the library shelves of these prestigious university campuses.
I am so grateful to Sherrill Shiraz, Collection Management and Cataloging Librarian for the Everett Library of Queens University, for adding my book to their bookshelves, and to Brandon Lunsford, Interim Associate Director of Library Services for the James B. Duke Memorial Library along with Reshika R. Barfield, Digital Initiative and Resources Librarian on the campus of Johnson C. Smith University for agreeing to make my book the featured poetry book for April’s National Poetry Month celebration on campus.
I am so excited, blessed, and deeply humbled to be a transformational part of the vibrant poetry culture reaching students in libraries I never imagined seeing my work displayed in. Thank you to all of the librarians and assistants who helped to make my work a relevant part of their flourishing community.

Happy National Poetry Month!

Thank You Sandra Burns 🙏🏼

You know, I try not to ever take for granted something kind that someone does for you unselfishly. I am truly blessed and humbled by this post that was on the site of Sandra Burns ART yesterday. I had to sit down for a moment and collect myself because this was such an unexpected surprise, and Sandra didn’t give me a heads-up before this was posted. Sandra, I truly appreciate you keeping my voice and my book relevant and engaging. You really have no idea how much I truly appreciate your generosity, my dear friend. Thank you! 🙏🏼

What I’m reading…

I’m almost finished reading “We Are Poetry: Lessons I Didn’t Learn in a Textbook” by the very talented Kym Gordon Moore.

Kym is a poet, writer and educational advocate who believes in building ‘bridges of dialogue’ and actually listening.

More importantly, she is a breath of fresh air. I was expecting this to be a book of poetry. It was so much more.

It’s a book about poetry, about humanity, about empathy. And, yes, there are some of Kym’s beautiful original poems throughout the book too.

We Are Poetry - Kym Gordon More
We Are Poetry – Kym Gordon Moore

I have thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and, if you’re interested too, it is available on Amazon.

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Original Post from Sandra Burns ART

Reblog [When Women Inspire]: How Kym Gordon Moore uses poetry as a means to inclusion

Sometimes thank you seems so inadequate when you sincerely appreciate a blessing that others have bestowed upon you. Yesterday, my friend Christy Birmingham-Reyes, authorpreneur and administrator of her site, When Women Inspire, posted an interview she conducted with me about my book, We Are Poetry: Lessons I Didn’t Learn in a Textbook. I have to say that I was so blown away by the sweet and generous things she said about me beyond her interview questions. I feel the same way about her too, and that’s no B.S. either.

Christy Birmingham-ReyesBefore I share the reblog of her article, I just want to say to Christy, you are truly an encourager and you made me feel so comfortable throughout this entire interview process. God bless you girlfriend because your mission is one that uplifts and inspires, not only about causes for women but for anyone stopping by to read and comment on your site. I can ramble on and on but right now I want to share and invite you to visit Christy’s website When Women Inspire, and check out her post. She is truly a powerhouse indeed.

A Valuable Reference…Priceless!

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How many ways can I count being speechless? I never thought that was possible because I have been talking since I’ve been out of my mother’s womb. But, as I read Michele Lee Sefton’s post yesterday, “Don’t Hesitate” (poetry recitation) a poem she spotlighted and was written by poet Mary Oliver, I continued reading until I literally fell out of my chair once again. As I approached her ending section I read Michele’s gracious mention of my book “We Are Poetry, Lessons I Didn’t Learn in a Textbook.” Needless to say, I gasped so hard, because Lord knows I wasn’t expecting another honor, by my friend the dancing queen, especially in the same space as Mary Oliver.

I am so delighted to share my heartfelt appreciation for another heartwarming review from a great writer and teacher, Michele Lee Sefton. Bless you, Michele!


Three weeks ago, I shared the release of Kym Gordon Moore’s recently released book titled, We are Poetry. I have been enjoying reading her book and had the pleasure of writing a review:

Kym Gordon Moore’s book, We are Poetryis more than a collection of engaging poems. Moore recognizes the potential of poetry to empower the individual and to connect people; she gives examples of how this has unfolded in her own life. Her passion for the art form invites and excites the reader to join her – to view poetry with a fresh perspective. Her book is layered with enriching discussion, experiences, information, insights, and of course, her poetry. Divided in “Lessons,” I appreciated the organizational structure of her book and her inclusion of an index. “We are Poetry” would be a valuable reference on my desk if I were still teaching in a high school classroom, not as another impersonal textbook, but as a rich conversation centered around poetry.

Click here to read a preview and to order her book. 

I also want to thank Michele and Dawn Pisturino for their heartfelt and compelling Amazon reviews and ratings. 🙏🏽 Bless you both!

On the Bookshelf of the Library, I am Found

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Oh my gosh! I am tickled pink with poetry! When I received an email from Amee Odom, MLIS, MA, Senior Librarian for Reference & Information Services with the Union County Public Library, my heart skipped many beats before I began to read. A media kit for my book was submitted to our local library. Upon receipt, Amee informed me that my materials and book were passed along to the Cataloging team for processing. Well, I am pleased, honored, and grateful to announce that my book, “We Are Poetry: Lessons I Didn’t Learn in a Textbook,” is among the good reads in the Union County Public Library. It is available for anyone living in the county to check out and read.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is union-county-public-library-search.jpg

When I received my good news, I saw a sidebar article on a forum that stated “While many in the U.S. seek to limit kids’ access to books tackling sexuality, some young people elsewhere in the world are gaining access to such materials for the very first time — and relishing the freedom.” Advocacy groups, school board members, and lawmakers across the U.S. are banning books at a faster clip than has been seen in a generation or more. According to PEN America, an organization that seeks to protect free expression, book bans occurred in school districts in 32 states during the 2021-22 academic year.

I dare not think about what it would feel like to have your book banned from a library. Years ago, in elementary and high school, some books I read were quite risque and controversial as I think about some of those titles today. When things are forcibly prohibited, and a big deal is made out of it, it seems like curiosity grows, and children or people will find a way to explore and uncover why such prohibitions were forbidden in the first place. I think it is up to parents/guardians to teach their children the right things that are decent, respectful, and ethically enriched. It could be possible that children may not think about reading these books until a big deal was made about them. Yet, I agree that something dangerous, violent, and hateful should probably be left off of shelves, depending on the context and extent of the content.

For now, I thank the team from the Union County Public Library for approving my book to be a part of their catalog among the “Local Authors” section. So do you think I am excited? You darn tootin’ I am! Whooooohooooooo!!! 🤩


Image Credit: Union County Public Library | Monroe, North Carolina (third row)

Thank You Never Gets Old, right Dawn Pisturino?

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My mother always reminded us to say thank you when we were little, IF we failed to do it first. That didn’t happen often, because there would be repercussions if we didn’t say thank you and she found out about it. Even for the smallest of things, like someone giving you a quarter to put in your piggy bank was worthy of gratitude, because it was one quarter more than you had. Plus, piggy banks were the thing when I was growing up. I still have mine from a baby. Oops, sorry, I digress.

So it is with great pleasure that I give a huge shoutout and show my appreciation to Dawn Pisturino for her generous book review on her site “Poetry Book Reviews: Kym Gordon Moore and Patricia Furstenberg.” Patricia and I were so surprised and delighted that Dawn took the time to actually read our works, and to take even more time to write such a generous review that she didn’t have to do. I try not to ever take such an act of kindness for granted. They are great blessings to my heart and spirit.

So without further adieu, I once again present the link, “Poetry Book Reviews: Kym Gordon Moore and Patricia Furstenberg” to Dawn’s post so that you can visit her site and see how she is unselfishly giving back to members of our WordPress community. Thank you again, Dawn.

Poetry: Memories Unfurling

Image Credit: Taylor Deas-Melesh

Something has a hold of my mind
replaying dormant memories
through time sprinkled with magic redefined

Something stirs within the pit of my abdomen
like a wooden spoon
stirring day-old cold porridge
dormant memories unfurling
molded by the hands of time

the good, the bad
the happy, the sad
so deep that time tried to bury
the fragile arms of history
where facets of stories fossilized
yet never disappeared.

© 2022 Kym Gordon Moore

Memories can be haunting, melancholy, or nostalgic. November is National Alzheimer’s Disease Awareness Month, not to be confused with World Alzheimer’s Month which is commemorated in September. This national campaign is designed to educate the public on the Alzheimer’s epidemic in the United States of America. This month, we also observe National Family Caregivers Month where we honor family members and those who serve as caregivers for Alzheimer’s patients. Thank you.

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It’s Been 12 Days, My Heart is Full, and My Gratitude Meter is Off the Charts

Oh, my dear friends, seasoned and new, I had to pause here and take a deep breath as I ruminate on my gratitude quotient since my book launched 12 days ago. When I say that I am humbled, grateful, and overjoyed by some of the most endearing things and congratulatory expressions many of you articulated about my book and mission, I sincerely mean it from the bottom of my heart. Sheer joy and delight engulf my spirit, and when I tell you I’m verklempt, I really am. It’s hard to express in detail what my heart feels except pure joy.

In appreciation for all of the reblogs and mentions over the last 12 days, I want to thank all of you for the outpouring of continued support, love, and encouragement I didn’t see coming. My eyes are big, but not that big. 😲 All of you have shown me a compassionate heart of support that is undeniably genuine. This has taken my breath away in more ways than you can imagine. Thank you, with heartfelt appreciation, even though I couldn’t name every one of you.

But now, I would be remiss if I didn’t thank the following people who have been amazing cheerleaders out of the gate or have been so kind to reblog my blog posts. I am so blessed to be in their orbit of energy.

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All of you have no idea how much my heart is flipping as we speak. That excites and energizes me for this journey! I am truly blessed. Thank you all for being such an amazing part of this experience. Just remember…