Are Birds Really an Asset to Mental Health? 🦜

My ears followed the sounds of tender singing, and my eyes were transfixed on the gleeful and astute playfulness of my flying feathered friends darting here and there. They surprisingly caught my attention early this morning. I wonder if they were even aware of my surveillance as their frolicking actually calmed my spirit?

It comes naturally, as I am blessed to watch these fine feathered creatures, whether I’m indoors or not, and be inspired to snap a photo or write a poem about them. I was delighted to come across an article the other day “Research says one of the best things for your mental health is … birds!” that brought the biggest smile to my face. I can’t say I was shocked, but it offered validation into what I was already experiencing. In part, the article mentioned: 

A 2017 study published in BioScience by scientists at England’s University of Exeter showed that when people witnessed more birds in their daily lives, they experienced reduced prevalence and severity of depression, stress, and anxiety.

Now, talk about music to my ears, and excitement for my spirit! Hello there, my mental health helpers! 🦜 What more can you ask for with free service, and a heaping serving of healing all in one.

Image Credit: Patrice Bouchard

Image Credit: Aaliya Wahab

Today Is a New Day to Be Grateful Anyway

Image Credit: Gabrielle Henderson

Open your arms wide, and embrace the gift of thanksgiving today. Allow the vibrance of light to permeate your spirit, blossoming into a burst of energy that floods your being.

Now look, everyone is going through something that is challenging their mind, spirit, or body, be it great or small. We hold on to an ounce of courage to get through the day or through our night, even when restlessness disrupts our sleep. Gratitude has a way of puncturing the net of challenges, that tries to drown us in a sea of dread. We are more than conquerors. We simply have to come to terms with accepting our victory. Nobody told us the road would be easy. Those who said it would be easy were sadly misled.

But, we didn’t come this far to give up now. Be grateful because there is always someone else who is worse off than you, and would rather be in your shoes.

Image Credit: natalie_board