We Are Poetry: Lessons I Didn’t Learn in a Textbook

What began as a book evolved into a movement. Together, we can be the change agents of poetry.

Poetry, the composition of abbreviated stories, embodies an inherent magnetic power to create a common ground of conversations and connectedness that can bridge polarization. We Are Poetry: Lessons I Didn’t Learn in a Textbook is filled with many surprises you would not ordinarily find in a collection of poetry. This book contains several components that serve as an academic complement giving creative insight into the poetry revolutionary movement. It functions as a dialogue engineer, designed to build and employ the application of poetry in the fight against illiteracy, functional illiteracy, aliteracy, and disparity. The storyline in this book works as a tool to teach and enlighten.


  • How ArchiPoetry and TheraPoetry improve your cognitive and spiritual poetry patois.

  • How this book serves as a disrupter in the conventional order of poetry by promoting diverse cultures in a world that exposes the royal tapestry of poetry.

The subjects in this book are simple to understand, creatively descriptive, emotionally engaging, and easy for readers to connect with. Kym Gordon Moore begins with her chapters of personal observations relevant to her poetry experience. While many critics theorize that poetry is on the verge of flat-lining, Kym believes poetry advocates are witnessing an incredible revival of the genre through a growing, diverse, and new generation of poetry enthusiasts.


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