Silence of the Dandelion Bloom

Dandelions, dewdrops

Dandelion seeds

a nuisance, carefree and wild

growing where blooms fall.

©Kym Gordon Moore

Dandelion Seeds, Weeds

Dandelion Seeds, Weeds

Dandelion Seed


The Dance, Art and Poetry of Flamingos

Flamingo, Birds

What is it about the cultural iconic flamingo that fascinates us, which is most memorable and depicted in the yard ornaments we are used to seeing? The melding of the layers of plumage, long-necks, pink-legs and web feet of these birds are an inspiration to an artists’ canvas and a poets’ pen.

Flamingos, Birds

Flamingos, Birds

Flamingos, Birds


Birds, Flamingos

Flamingos, Birds


Flamingos, Birds

The Art and Poetry of Hon Khoi Salt Fields

Hon Khoi Salt Fields, Vietnam

One of the most unique tourist destinations in Nha Trang is the Hon Khoi Salt Fields. Salt production is a thriving industry in Nha Trang. Mounds of natural salt are manually harvested from shallow fields along Doc Let Beach in Vietnam. The artistry of the harvesting process is amazingly poetic.

Earth Day. Why?

Earth Day, Green Planet

If you don’t protect her, she won’t protect you. It’s just that simple. Today is the observance of Earth Day and while our calendars denote that this day is designated to serve as a  reminder about the importance of respecting our planet, conserving energy and being the caretakers of creation we were meant to be, protecting Mother Earth should naturally be an individual, committed and personalized mantra each of us should be cognizant of employing every day.

The toxicity of air pollution, water pollution, and soil pollution are indicators of our carelessness and recklessness that diminish the quality of life Mother Earth produces. Do we realize how intimately our lives are affected by the health and wellbeing of this universe we inhabit? What has happened to our compassion, sensitivity, and appreciation for our beautiful planet that is being destroyed, simply because we have neglected her or failed to see and protect the beauty that abounds all around us?

As I stepped outside this morning to admire the new blossoms and buds on my rose bush, I saw the brilliance of a little red ladybug sitting on one of the leaves and watched her enjoy my rose bush just as much as I did, even if our reasons were different. You don’t have to take on a mass environmental project, but you could do what you can in your neck of the woods, or city, to contribute to the preservation and growth of this planet. Earth Day. Do we really need a day to remind us of something we should be incorporating into our level of consciousness every day? Hmmmm… Just a thought.

Find Your Poetic Voice through the Art of Puppets on World Puppetry Day

Puppets, Puppetry, World Puppetry Day

Howdy Doody, The Muppets, Pinocchio, Lamb Chop and the Sesame Street characters are a few of the famous puppets we know so well. Famous puppeteers like Jim Henson, Shari Lewis, Fred Rogers, Wayland Flowers, and famous ventriloquists like Willie Tyler, Paul Winchell, Shirley Dinsdale and Edgar Bergen entertained children and audiences with humor and life learning lessons.

World Puppetry Day, Puppets

The World Day of Puppetry or World Puppetry Day is held each March 21. This collective movement embraces the theatrical art of puppetry by puppeteers and is disseminated through festivals, cultural centers, museums or theaters. Puppeteers manipulate inanimate objects, often resembling a human or animal figure.

Happy #WorldPuppetryDay to all of you puppet loving enthusiasts.

World Puppetry Day, Marionettes


Celebrating National Pineapple Upside Down Cake Day from Trisha’s Southern Kitchen

Pineapple Upside-Down Cake, Food Porn Friday, Trisha Yearwood, National Pineapple Upside Down Cake Day,

Image credit: Food Network

Grab your pineapple, maraschino cherries, brown sugar and a few other ingredients and then throw down with this incredible recipe for pineapple upside-down cake courtesy of Trisha Yearwood and the Food Network show Trisha’s Southern Kitchen. Today is National Pineapple Upside Down Cake Day and this easy recipe, Trisha’s Pineapple Upside-Down Cake yields 6 servings, and only takes 1 hour and 15 minutes to prepare.

Be sure to check out this recipe and many others on the Food Network. Bon appetit. Happy #FoodPornFriday Y’all!

The Alarm and Hazards of the New Paintball Wars

Paintball Wars, Paintball Guns

Just when I think there isn’t something else that could possibly send unspeakable shock waves to common sense thinking, I swear to you there is always something that makes me feel like I’ve crossed through a portal leading to another extreme sector of the Twilight Zone.

There has been an uptick of this new, popular take on paintball wars that participants think is acceptable and fun. This activity has created something more alarming and hazardous than the innocent game of paintball games it probably initially started out to be. Recently paintball wars have become frustrating to law enforcement, homeowners, and car owners. Organizers of these paintball wars think this method is safer than shooting at each other using real bullets. They voice this activity is a form of entertainment and that they aren’t doing anything wrong.

Paintball Guns

Reports are now linking these activities to gang-related turf wars, but much damage is being done to homes, automobiles, other property and more importantly to innocent people. This vandalism and damage to property and injuries inflicted on innocent bystanders is an irresponsible, appalling and dangerous game. It’s hard to comprehend the logic behind such disposition, especially for the sake of entertainment when pain is inflicted on people and property that happen to be in the line of fire. How would you feel if you or someone you love becomes a victim of a paintball war you have no part of?