Cherry Smackin’ Good Pie on Food Porn Friday

Great American Pie Month, Pillsbury, National Cherry Month, Food Porn Friday

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Since February is National Cherry Month and Great American Pie Month, we are going to celebrate Food Porn Friday with this Easy Cherry Pie recipe from the folks at Pillsbury. It takes 25 minutes to prepare, 1 hour and 10 minutes to bake and serves 8. There are only 4 ingredients that you need: Pillsbury pie crusts (if you don’t want to roll out your own), cherry pie filling, milk, and sugar.

Make it a cherry-licious day! Happy #FoodPornFriday!


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Is Your Dream Really YOUR Dream?

Dreams, Ambitions, Goals

Over the years I lost a tremendous amount of money investing and purchasing programs of what others have convinced me was my dream of security. I surmised that if I worked hard to acquire the things that people dangled in front of me and said I should strive for because I could turn my dreams into reality, then I would be in great shape at this point, relying on a profitable ROI (Return On Investment).

Yet, somehow I grew increasingly exhausted until I had my “a-ha” moment almost 20 years ago. I trusted people who were so charismatic that they said exactly what I wanted to hear because these cunning individuals knew how to “spin” their influence on people who were like me (the type of people wanting to desperately do better for their family)! Later I realized that such people, who were in all actuality making out like a fat-rat, profiting off of people like me, were actual predators.

Now even after all of those losses, I ran directly into another “dream” booby-trap about 12 years ago that I must say I blame myself for. I had a friend (at least that’s what I thought at the time) who I believed was a great business person because of the businesses they owned and the impressive stuff they had. (I know, not all those well-known people self-claiming to be smart business people really are). Their material possessions make you think they are financial geniuses. Since I trusted this person, I thought I could plausibly give their proposal a shot, even though my gut screamed caution. Guess what? I was duped again, thousands of dollars later. To say the least, that friendship ended, when I realized it was not as genuine as I thought it was.

Sometimes, we get to a point in our life where we feel we need to desperately make certain decisions before we lose out. A dear friend of mine once told me that desperate people make desperate decisions. I get it, I get it, I get it!

Now, when someone says to you, “Turn your dreams into a reality,” make sure that it is your dream, because if it isn’t you will be stuck in a reality called a nightmare! Just sayin’.

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Love is Unconditional and Reaches Beyond Valentine’s Day

Love, Unity, Harmony, Love Is, Poetry by Kym Gordon Moore

Although yesterday was Valentine’s Day, love goes well beyond a holiday, special occasion or condition. Love spiritually embodies your heart and soul. Perhaps, just perhaps, if more people were to put a little love in their hearts, that love could multiply with compassion, healing, and understanding.

Unconditional love will make this world a better place for everyone. Pass it on!

Happy After-Valentine’s Day!!!

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Celebrate Valentine’s Day 365 Days Each Year

Valentine's Day, St. Valentine's Day, Love, Romance

Well, today is Valentine’s Day, but it really isn’t a special day for me. Why? Because my husband and I celebrate Valentine’s Day each day. Life is a very precious gift that each one of us has been given. At any given time, we can check out on this side of life at any time on any day. Each day is an opportunity to treat your loved ones with love. We are to share that with others even if we have to love them from afar.

In this tumultuous world we live in, we can change it…together! Just because the news shows chaos, violence and mayhem, you name it, we can’t worry about it, but we can make a difference, somehow, some way. Our differences and diversities of gifts make each one of us an asset in God’s eyes and I am truly grateful for that.

So, on this Valentine’s Day, don’t look for what you can get, look for what you can give, and do it with love from your heart.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Laughter is Contagious

Happiness, Charles Dickens, Laughter, From Behind the Pen

We are beginning the week with a can full of uninhibited laughter! If something tries to rattle your patience and make you crazy today, just stay calm and laugh your butt off!

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For You Potato Lovers on Food Porn Friday

How do I love potatoes? Let me count the ways. Well, you have Idaho Russet, Sweet, Jewel Yam, King Edward, Japanese Sweet, Doré, Laura, Rose Finn Apple, Hannah Sweet, Solanum, Red Thumb, LaRette, Désirée, Austrian Crescent, Red Gold, Purple Majesty, Yukon Gold, Kennebec, Parel…shall I go on?

February is National Potato Lovers Month, so why not put a new spin on this common staple that you will find in practically every pantry. Today I am featuring this artistic recipe for a delicious potato kugel cup from Joy of Kosher with Jamie Geller. If you have a favorite potato recipe or a favorite type of potato you enjoy cooking with, please feel free to share it with our audience.

Happy National Potato Lovers Month on #FoodPornFriday!

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Life is An Adventure!

Life, Adventure, Courage

Do you have something adventurous and daring that you want to add to your bucket list?

Hiking, Mountin Climbing

Do you dream about exploring the depths of the ocean?

Scuba Diving, Adventure

Is there something outside your comfort zone that you would love to try, but may be a little apprehensive about?

Ziplining, Adventure

Dare to try something new, different and exhilarating!

Adventure, Skydiving

Turn your fear into fearlessness and soar!

Adventure, Safari, Africa

Boldly go where you’ve never gone before!

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