Memorial Day Coffee-Rubbed Burgers with Dr. Pepper BBQ Sauce

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Photo Credit: The Chunky Chef

Can you believe we are already kicking off our Memorial Day weekend celebration? My gosh, where did the time go so fast?

If you need a different and interesting recipe to wrap your taste buds around for this Memorial Day holiday cookout, then here is a surefire conversational piece to set your table with. Just imagine combining coffee, and Dr. Pepper into a big juicy Angus beef burger.

You’re probably scratching your head and saying huh? What a combination right? Yeah, I thought the same thing too until I came across this recipe by Amanda from the kitchen of The Chunky Chef.

Click here to get this recipe for juicy burgers seasoned with a spiced coffee rub paired with peppered bacon and homemade Dr. Pepper BBQ sauce. If you plan to delight your guests with this Coffee-Rubbed Burger with Dr. Pepper BBQ Sauce, be careful because they may never leave! 😀

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When Everything Seems to be Against You

Inspirational Quotes

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When everything seems to be going against you, remember that the airplane takes off against the wind, not with it. -Henry Ford

Today’s Inner Poet: Society of I


Hypnotized by a society of I

what I want, what I get, what I got, what I do

look at me, me one, it’s all about me

I love me and the status I possess

now, falling off a cliff of self-centeredness

self-indulgence, self-made, selfishness, self-exaltation

ending in a pit of I, here I am

alone, angered, in agony, and alienated

oh what, oh what shall I do?

© Kym Gordon Moore

Fashion Focus: Famous Signature Kicks by NBA Players

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Well, we are in the final lap of the NBA playoffs to the Championship Finals. While the basketball court is not a catwalk there are some smooth designer kicks sporting the arena. The signature hot footwear trends in athletic fashion on the court has the sportswear industry all abuzz. We know that Michael Jordan became a household name behind his iconic brands and his world-famous Air Jordans.

Athletic companies are taking footnotes (no pun intended) from influencers who want to stay connected to their favorite athletes, by owning a piece of their signature brand. Here are some cool kicks from a few years ago I still like.

Clutchfit Drive – Stephen Curry

Clutchfit Drive - Stephen Curry

Image Source: Under Armour

LeBron James 12 – Signature of LeBron James

LeBron James 12 - Signature of LeBron James

Image Credit: Nike

John Wall 1 -Signature of John Wall

John Wall 1 -Signature of John Wall

Image Credit: Adidas

KD7 – Signature of Kevin Durant

KD7 - Signature of Kevin Durant

Image Credit: Nike

Kobe 9 Elite – Signature of Kobe Bryant

Kobe 9 Elite - Signature of Kobe Bryant

Image Credit: Nike

M10 – Signature of Carmelo Anthony

M10 - Signature of Carmelo Anthony

Image Source: Jordan Brand

What are your favorite fashion kicks designed by your favorite NBA player or favorite sports brand?

Our Personal Change: Is it Authentic, Natural, Adapted or Distorted?

Life, Distortion

Change occurs every single day, whether we want it or are prepared for it. Are we really the well-oiled machine we think we are? At some point and time, perhaps by the news of someone’s sudden death, we hear the reverberating old adage, “Life is too short.” Sometimes when you take time to meditate and reflect on life, do you see things differently, feel a heightened awareness in your spirit about creation, and then wonder and ask yourself, “What’s really going on here?”

Whether or not we realize our apparent willingness to accept, adapt and normalize a life whose RPM’s are revved up like the engine of a race car, just because these are fast and abbreviated times we are living in, should we? Are we dummying down our human logic, deep learning, individuality and manual reasoning by turning over our humanness and humanity into the hands of artificial intelligence and a life of truncated virtual or augmented reality?

As we contemplate and take into account the facets of our lives and life that abounds around us, we must ask if our images of change fall in the natural order of things, or are we becoming like a text message, short and distorted reflections as seen in a funhouse or carnival mirror.

Beef, Ale and Parsnip Pudding is a Royal Treat

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Image source: BBC Good Food

Searching for a delicious British dish, which is big on comfort, timeless and tasty? This recipe is an excellent complement to celebrate the royal wedding this weekend.

Why not try your hands at this Beef, Ale & Parsnip Pudding, by Silvana Franco from the kitchen of BBC GoodFood. If you never tried making this traditional steak and ale pie with suet pastry, then here is an idea for a delicious brunch, lunch or dinner gathering.

PREP: 20 MINS | COOK: 3 HRS, 30 MINS | Serves 4


1 large onion, chopped
100g smoked bacon lardons
2 tbsp olive oil
500g lean stewing beef, cubed
2 tbsp plain flour
3 parsnips, cubed
500ml brown ale
300ml beef stock
2 tbsp cranberry or redcurrant jelly
4 thyme sprigs
greens, to serve (optional)

For the suet pastry
butter, for greasing
300g self-raising flour, plus extra for dusting
2 tsp English mustard powder
140g shredded suet

For directions on how to marry these ingredients to make your perfect royal accompaniment, click here. Be sure to check out BBC Good Food for more fabulous recipes to satisfy your royal tastebuds. Good eating.

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The Art of Antelope Canyon

Sun Rays On Rock Formations

Nona Lohr

This is an amazing photo of sun rays piercing into one of the huge, colorful rock formations located in Antelope Canyon in Arizona.

Purple rock formations in Antelope Canyon

Purple rock formations in Antelope Canyon | Nona Lohr

Scenic Antelope Canyon was formed by sandstone erosion

Scenic Antelope Canyon was formed by sandstone erosion | Jean Beaufort

Caves at Upper Antelope Canyon

Caves at Upper Antelope Canyon | Terri Thompson

Lower Antelope Canyon

Scenic Slot in Lower Antelope Canyon | Jean Beaufort