Tea for Two’s-Day Tuesday

Tuesday, Tea, Karen Arnold

Today, we are having a TEA-licious Tuesday Teatime break. Right now, let’s take a moment to breathe in and out, savoring each breath as we slowly inhale and then exhale.

In our hurriedness that we don’t think is hurriedness, we may find ourselves tired not really knowing why. But, this small teatime break may be the rejuvenator you need at this moment to inject a little more pep back in your daily step!

Happy #TEAliciousTuesday


Google+ Is Shutting Down but Let’s Continue Our Social Connection

Social Media, Google Plus

Image source: Freebie Supply

As many of you know, in December of last year, Google announced its decision to shut down their Google Plus social media channel. If you’re a current user as I am, and we follow each other on this social network, I invite you to follow me on any of the following channels if we are not already connected.






Let’s continue to share our amazing stories of art, music, poetry, books, fashion trends, food, special and current events with each other because where one social door closes, another one opens! 🙂

Taylen Biggs, 5-Year Old Fashion Influencer?

New York Fashion Week, Taylen Biggs

Photo Source: AOL.com

Working the runway during New York Fashion Week, you expect to see tall statuesque models sashaying the latest haute couture fashions by renowned fashion designers. Yet who would have expected to see this young little fashionista working the catwalk like a veteran?

You must know that when I ran across an article about this little runway model, sitting on the front row with other celebrities during New York Fashion Week, I was completely blown away.

Taylen Biggs has worked with brands such as Betsey Johnson, Kardashian Kids, Jeremy Scott, Disney, and Sherri Hill. She has a social media following that is the envy for most of us. Some of the bold, sassy ensembles she worked on the runway from colorfully braided up-dos, bold sunglasses and even glitter for the cheeks will be available on her website taylenbiggs.com. It’s evident that young models and actors like this little tyke is not your average kid and are taking their little worlds to unimaginable heights.

Happy #FashionForwardFriday!

Write This Way Wednesday

Kelly Martin, Writing

I find great comfort in writing as I am sure most prolific writers do. I notice when I am especially faced with certain challenges, dilemmas, or if I am in a not so savory mood, I tend to write with deliberate intent. There’s no doubt that moods play a pivotal role in what we may write and how. 

Do you need to be in a particular mood in order to write? 

The Poetry of Walking in Unity

Lee Wag, Poetry

Walk in Unity

Walk in unity oh children of the Light
a house divided will inevitably fall
practice the divine fruits of the Spirit
one faith, one baptism, one Lord for all.

No matter how big and no matter how small
each person possesses a precious gift
an important piece of the universal puzzle
to unify, to uphold and to uplift.

For when we feel weak
it is then we are strong
with faith, hope and trust
we can never, ever go wrong.

We stick to the fight
when we feel the hardest hit
with resiliency and even-temperedness
walk in unity and vow to never quit!

©Wings of the Wind, A Cornucopia of Poetry

Monday Music Motivation: Raise Your Happy Level Today

Music, Happiness, Gratitude

Today, I invite you to raise your happiness and gratitude meter as we get our Monday Music Motivation on! Every day I read about or hear someone discussing the downward, depressive craziness that we encounter and tend to worry about each day.

So as we look ahead to this new week, refusing to allow negativity to win, here’s your happiness tip for today and each day you need to resort to it: Find one upbeat song, listen to it from beginning to the end, and dance. That’s right dance. No matter where you may be, even at work, put in your earplugs or put on your headphones if you have to, dance (and you don’t have to be a professional mind you) and then sit back down and get back to your work. It’s that simple! So if you’re feeling down, this is a mere suggestion for a quick pick me up, sort of like an energy drink! 😀

Happy #MondayMusicMotivation