A New Day, A New Page, A Renewed Life

Paper, Pen, Life, Thoughts, Book

Image Credit: Mark Csabai

So, I begin this new week on a new day with a fresh slate. How will I approach and navigate through this gift of a new day? Cautiously? Adventurously? Graciously? Humbly? Curiously?

What shall I write on this new page of life where words are descriptors of how I lived? At the end of the day, will my page in this chapter be filled with something worth writing for or wasted? Let’s begin now, shall we? 😀

Have an EMPOWERED day and an AMAZING week!

The Tragedy of Littered Lies

Burned Book, Scattered Pages, Wisdom, Lies

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It is believed and said that wisdom comes with age, yet sadly we’ve seen great evidence that such belief is not quite what we expect or expected. We seek truth and instruction from people we tend to trust and rely on. We do not expect neglect and reckless endangerment or great disappointment where foolish choices lead to dangerous liaisons. Seek wise counsel.

To know wisdom and instruction, to perceive the words of understanding

To receive the instruction of wisdom, justice, judgment, and equity;

To give prudence to the simple, to the young man knowledge and discretion-

A wise man will hear and increase learning, and a man of understanding will attain wise counsel

(Proverbs 1:2-5)

Truth, Lies, Wisdom, kai Stachowiak

Image Credit: kai Stachowiak

Chatting Loud, Saying Nothing

Toy Teeth, Chattering Teeth

Image Credit: freepik.com

Oh how humorous those chattering  teeth chomp

wound up, making noise with nonsensical purpose

toy jaws, baseless distractions with aimless direction

winding down, chit-chatting with a faceless smile.

Chattering Teeth

Image Credit: RawPixel.com

Chattering Teeth, Toy Teeth, Amazon

Image Source: Annhua

Chattering Teeth, Toy Teeth

Image Source: rawpixel.com

Count Your Many Blessings!

Thanksgiving Day, Give Thanks, Gratitude

Image Credit: Linnaea Mallette

Today is definitely a different day of celebration, probably for some a difference we’ve never before experienced. Although as we celebrate Thanksgiving Day today, may we look at the deeper purpose and depth of meaning this day brings to us.

While there may be very few sitting at your dinner table today, do not despair, but be grateful for the small gifts that life gives us even if it is not on a grandiose scale.

Peace to all of you. Stay safe and remember to count your blessings.

Happy Thanksgiving!

When the Wind Blows

Wind Sock, Breeze

Image Credit: Marcelo Terraza

Oh taste the special effects blowing in the wind we cannot see

I can’t grab it in my hands but I can feel it brush against my skin

as the breeze blows the world turns, clouds billow, time ticks

leaves snap from branches gliding in a spiraling freefall through the air

winter snowflakes shower like sparkling pillowy rain

rustling mobility of ties that bind the ebb and flow of life is aroused

I hear, I feel, I awaken, I see, I’m alive.

Breeze, Wind

Image Credit: analyser

A Virtual Existence 👽

Do not adjust your set…there is nothing wrong with your eyes!

Aliens, Androids

Image Credit: martin_m2

“Get ready, because when you crush the humanity out of humans, you’re left with humans with no humanity.”

The above quote came from a novel I just finished reading, “The Infinite Sea” by Rick Yancey. The premise of this action-packed story involves the human race being downloaded with enhanced alien abilities rendering them no longer human. The question is, will humans and the world continue to exist?

One has to wonder how eerily close to real-life this storyline is as topsy-turvy as things seem to be in our culture and world. Virtuality has no place within the substance and decency of humanity. May the force be with you. 👽

A New Lease on Life

New Life, Life, Renewal

Image Credit: Steph P

Ok, so ya get snapped off and thrown away

people have counted you out crushing your ambition

get up, step-up, and open the blinds to your window

passing from the stench of death to a new life of hope.

Sprout where you are, no matter the season!

We have a chance to improve our life’s prospects with a fresh start, renewed vigor, and good health. Do it!

Rebirth, A New Lease on Life

Image Credit: Saïvann ¤

Get Out of That Funk!

Funk, Depression

Image Credit: Oskar Mellemsether

Practically everyone has been rolled into a tightly knit ball of stress for God only knows how long now. Pick a subject, any subject, and more than likely your mind has been consumed with something personal or outside entities that have shattered your peace of mind, soul, and spirit.

Trust me, so many of us are finding ourselves crawling out of that dark hole we didn’t think we would ever find ourselves in. Yet some people crawl out as fast as they fell in, refusing to let that hole consume them by swallowing them whole, while some folks didn’t have the strength to fight and get out…trapped or imprisoned.

On the bright side, we see change arising and people are tired of being sick and tired. People are opening their eyes, hearts, and spirits to an awakening that’s probably scaring them a little but an awareness that they happily welcome.

Look, we have felt trapped and down in the dumps, questioning our current state, looking around when things and situations look hopeless. It seems like we’re always behind the 8-ball, while it appears being buried alive seems inevitable. But today is a new day, so don’t bring those dreadful things that you don’t have to lug around with you into your present life-changing moment. If you can’t do anything about something out of your control, that’s understandable. 

If there is something, however, that is sending you spiraling into a hole of funk that you can do something about, put on the breaks of negativity, drop that sucker off on the side of the road, and speed on down the highway without carrying around that extra baggage.

Have an Awesome Day! 🙂

The Poetry of Vale da Lua

Vale da Lua, Rock Formations

Image Credit: Marcelo Terraza

An alabaster marvel, monochromatic lunar craters

smooth curvaceous rock formations sculpted like butter

from ancient lava flows, Vale da Lua, Valley of the Moon

the artful geographical ebb of Brazilian sand and water.

I am on a virtual expedition, where the curvature of this beautiful natural rock formation and waterfalls in Brazil reminds me of the contemporary architecture of the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao in Spain. The sheer observation of this piece of nature’s artwork makes me want to run my fingers over the surface which can be tranquil or intimidating. At this moment, I choose curious serenity and adventure!

Vale de Lua, Brazilian Rock Formations

Image Source: Unusual Places

Rock Formations, Nature, Vale da Lua

Image Credit: Marcelo Terraza

Nature, Rock Formations, Vale da Lua

Image Credit: Marcelo Terraza

Rock Formations, Nature, Vale da Lua

Image Credit: Marcelo Terraza

Vale da Lua, Nature, Rock Formations

Image Source: Tourist Class (classeturista.com)