Is it a Vase? Is it a Beehive? Is it a Pine Cone? No, it’s The Vessel!

The Vessel, Thomas Heatherwick

Image source: Artnet News

The newest and latest interactive art installation gracing the mega-neighborhood of skyscrapers, a shopping mall, and a cultural center just opened to the public over the weekend and is by British-based designer Thomas Heatherwick.

This massive architectural wonder called The Vessel is nestled in Hudson Yards, the largest mixed-use private real-estate project located in New York’s Manhattan midtown west. The artistic steelworks was constructed in northwest Italy and bit by bit, parts of it were shipped to the U.S. and floated to the construction site by way of tugboat along New York’s Hudson River.

Vessel, which is its temporary name, for the time being, is a network of stairs and landings that visitors can climb or take an elevator to the top. Although admission is free, you must get a ticket since there is a limited number of people allowed in the structure at one time.

On Fashion Forward Friday is Tie-Dye Making a Comeback?

Tie Dye, Fashion Forward Friday

Image Credit: Cristie Guevara

Tie-dye t-shirts and other fashions were symbols of the counterculture in the 1960s and a way to express individuality and freedom while escaping from the strict social norms of the 1950s. Now, as popular as tie-dye fashions became in America, hippies did not invent this fashion phenom.

Tie Dye, Fashion Forward Friday

Image source:

The art of tie-dyeing is an old craft used around the world. Practiced since the 8th century, shibori a form of tie-dye originated in Japan and Indonesia. In general, the colors were more subdued. In India, the process is called bandhani. It is said the Shipibo and Yine tribes of the Peruvian Amazon have a resistance dyeing technique that is similar to tie-dye.

Tie Dye, Fashion Forward Friday

Image source: Glowsly

Experts are saying that clear social and political climate parallels made with the 1960s are influencing the comeback of tie-dyeing in the fashion industry. Additionally, we are seeing the tie-dye color pendulum swinging from muted tones to bold, daring colors.

Tie-Dye, Fashion Forward Friday

Image source: ICON Magazine

Celebrating National Pi Day

Pi Day, Mathematics

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Today is National Pi Day which was created to celebrate the mathematical constant π (3.14159265359). This day celebrates the birthday of the great scientist and mathematician Albert Einstein. Pi was first calculated by Archimedes of Syracuse (287–212 BC) who is considered to be one of the greatest mathematicians of the ancient world.

So, on this day of mathematical celebration, be sure to surround your tastebuds with a hearty slice of your favorite pie!


#WhatIfWednesday: Ever have one of those days?

X posid, Jousting

Let’s face, we all run into those crazy days when you need the extra energy to get back up from whatever attacks you physically, spiritually, mentally, or emotionally. It takes every bit of energy you can muster to get up and stand when you felt like you’ve been in a jostling match.

Peter Griffin, tug-of-war

Then there are other times when you feel like you’re in a tug-of-war with something or someone. There will always be someone ahead of you trying to push you back. Then, there are those behind you trying to pull you back. 

No matter how much we are tugged, pushed, pulled or beaten down, we try to find the courage to use every ounce of energy to brace ourselves, to get back up, brush ourselves off, and stand with conviction.

A Nostalgic Moment: Remembering a Time of ‘When’

Poetry, Brown Box, Parcel, George Hodan

Nostalgia can bring you to a time of ‘when.’ It’s a reminder of experiences, emotions, escapades, risk-taking accomplishments, challenges, and heartbreaks. While going back down memory lane, there are some things we wish we could erase but can’t, and we wonder about the things we could have possibly soared from had we tried.

I am probably from the last generation where handwritten letters were the popular e-mail, as well as a relevant form of communication. So, I sat down one day, opened a dust-encrusted brown cardboard box, peeked in at the letters I saved from decades ago and began savoring a forgotten past.

Letters in a Brown Box

Digging into dark corners
amid cobwebs in the closet
reaching for elapsed keepsakes
a time disregarded as memory escapes

my fingertips groped the cardboard object
with ninety degree angles, yet not sharp
I pulled and uncovered the familiar looking box
alas, what could the contents be?

Buried under forgotten treasures
high school badges, pins, and greeting cards
remembering that familiar handwriting
on envelopes which have long since yellowed

as I anxiously opened each letter
of an intimate conversation years past
I began to remember with a smile, then a laugh
as my eyes welled with heartbroken tears

after hours of reading and reminiscing
the day has long transitioned to night
yet I neither tire of the memories
times that eluded my thoughts through the years

one would think I shall toss these letters
but I can’t because they are precious treasures
those that others cannot understand nor connect to
with intimate memories that belong to me

carefully I restack those forgotten letters
precious jewels that cannot be sold in this box
for it is in my heart that I hold these artifacts
even if my conscious mind decides to forsake me.

© Kym Gordon Moore

Did you remember to Spring Forward?

Time Change, Spring ahead

Image credit: Kai Stachowiak

Did you remember to set your clocks one hour ahead yesterday? Yep, we sprung forward Y’all!

Yesterday in the United States, Daylight Saving Time began. Hopefully, you’re not running late for an appointment today in the event you forgot. 🙂


Neon is taking Fashion Forward Friday by storm!

Neon Fashions

Image source: Cosmopolitan

Walk into a burst of color that would make the lights of Las Vegas and Broadway envious. Neon fashions are the trending styles on the catwalk for Spring 2019.

Neon Fashions

Image source:

From hot pinks to lime greens to flaming oranges and electrifying blues, fluorescent shades are hitting the streets and taking vibrant hues to eye-catching altitudes.

Neon Fashions

Image source:

Whether its wearing show-stopping ensembles or bubblicious-popping accessories, be bold, be brave, be NEON!

Neon Fashions

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