Commemorating National Arts and Humanities Month

arts and humanities, national arts and humanities month, art appreciationNational Arts & Humanities Month, established in 1993, is celebrated every October in the United States. This month long celebration encourages Americans to explore new facets and participation in the arts and humanities sector. The goals of this celebration include:

  1. Creating a local, state and national focus on the arts and humanities
  2. Encouraging individual participation, as well as arts, humanities and other nationwide organizations
  3. Providing an opportunity for local state and federal business, government and civic leaders to declare their support for the arts and humanities
  4. Establishing a highly visible vehicle for raising public awareness about this celebration

This festivity has become the nation’s largest, collective annual celebration of the arts. Like many celebrations that received a proclamation of support from former Presidents of the United States, National Arts and Humanities Month 2013 also received Presidential Proclamation from President Barack Obama. Those of us who are writers, poets, painters, songwriters, thespians, dancers and other artists of various mediums relish the opportunity to embrace these observances that encourage and validate our craft.

Happy National Arts & Humanities Month!


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