The Ninth Day of Poetry spotlights the 2015 Poet’s Market

Poet's Market, Writer's Market, 12 Days of PoetryOn the ninth day of poetry my true love gave to me the 2015 Poet’s Market by Robert Lee Brewer (Content Editor). Many of you sent me a message inquiring about a resource for poetry publishing. So instead of waiting until the last day of the 12 Days of Poetry, I decided to move this post up to today’s spotlight. I’m sure many who are reading this post already know about the Poet’s Market, but for those of you who don’t, let me quickly update you on the content.

Poet’s Market, published by Writer’s Digest includes hundreds of publishing opportunities specifically for poets. This resource guide offers listings for book/chapbook publishers, poetry publications and contests, along with contact information, submission preferences, insider tips and so much more. You will also find articles on the craft, business and promotion of poetry. There are oodles of tips to help you form and become a highly productive poet. You can find a copy of this guide at your local book store, or

As an added bonus, if you are a writer looking for similar opportunities, then you can check out the 2015 Writer’s Market. You can also find a copy of this guide at your local book store, or If you’re in search of a writing helpmate for your favorite writer or poet, or if you simply want a writing resource guide for yourself, then either one of these guides will be a great addition to any writer’s library.


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