It’s Mardi Gras So Let The Good Times Roll

Mardi Gras, New Orleans, Fat Tuesday

Hail to Mardi Gras

Feel the breath of Fat Tuesday
lighting the way for the Lenten season
a traditional French revelry prepared by the Krewe
folklore and festivities infuse the streets of New Orleans

dazzling floats bursting with baroque costume designs
exaggerated masks adorned in jewels, feathers, and sequins
fleeting pageantry with an explosion of vivacious memories
jewels of purple, green and gold burst for justice, faith, and power

Who dat? What dey say? Let the good times roll
Mardi Gras Indians, Big Chief leading tribal chants
showers of multicolored beads, trinkets and throws
flambeaux ignite the air with the smell of romance

gumbo, jambalaya, crawfish and étouffée
King cake pregnant with a secret treasure and beignets
rambunctious street parades, party goers perched on balconies
hail to the Mardi Gras scene, celebrating in the Big Easy.



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