Where Did All of My Forks Go?

Poetry, Eating Utensils, Forks, Flatware

Image Credit: Kevin Phillips

Is there a fork burglar out there, swiping innocent forks and interrupting the flow of even dinnerware placement sets? C’mon, I know you can relate because everyone seems to go through their missing fork syndrome, more than we can imagine. I am always baffled when I have to buy more everyday flatware, all because my forks seem to be disappearing without leaving a trace of evidence as to where they went. Yep boys and girls, that is another one of my things that make you go “Hmmm” moments!

The Missing Forks

Oh where oh where have my dinner forks gone
did they run away or hide in some deserted cubby hole
only leaving teaspoons, knives, and tablespoons behind
I need them more, but somehow they disappear faster
vanishing into thin air like a Houdini magic trick
gone, each time I buy a new matching set of flatware
in all of their novelty and sparkle of stainless steel
splashes of dazzling accents on a beautifully set table
and lo, after I check the final count of each utensil
zapped by uneven numbers, where have all my forks gone?

© Kym Gordon Moore


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