Haiku of the Day: Intersection of the Welds

Poetry, Haiku, Welding

Image Credit: Julie Gentry

Intersection of the Welds

Torch of flames infuse
the crossroads of heated joints
where cold hot steel meet.

© Kym Gordon Moore


No matter how you cut it, a vine still thinks like a vine

Morning Glory, Vines, Flowers

Image Credit: Lynn Greyling

I love the beautiful periwinkle and blue fluted flowers of morning glories. I transferred some clippings in an outside container on my deck so that I could try to contain the wild vines from becoming so invasive in the space over the deck while enjoying the delicate blooms. I discovered that I had a fight on my hands because every time I snipped off the long vines to prevent the rapid sprawling, sections above the area I cut produced new sprouts that grew just as long and just as fast as the first!

The Fierce Vine

She is invasive

incessant, this trail of leaves

ever-climbing up.

© Kym Gordon Moore

Vine, Morning GloryUgh, I thought. Vines in a pot, over the ground or wrapping its network of trailing leaves around a tree or trellis will never ever be contained in a nice floral package. Let’s face it, there are just some things that cannot be tamed, no matter how cute or darling they may be. I suppose I simply have to admire them a vine’s length from afar! 🙂

Poetry of a Drum Major

Drum Major, Poetry

Image source: greatdreams.com of Drum Major Pat Pearson of BGSU

It’s that time of the year for football season and marching band fever to kick into full swing. As the halftime shows burst with the excitement of baton twirling, music thumping, and heart-throbbing acrobatics, many eyes zero in on the memorable performance of the band’s drum major. 

Drum Major

Count it off and give me a beat
keeping time, regimented and discipline
commanding with hand gestures
calling attention with the twirl of your silver baton
the musical composition of your sparkling metal whistle
ornate uniform distinguishing you as the leader of the pack.

Crooning choreography and overall showmanship
backflips, cartwheels
and gravity-defying splits on the field
wooing the crowd and making them go wild
with your charismatic charm and confident smile
strutting your stuff like a rooster in the yard
an entertaining performance, mind-boggling and unforgettable
an unspoken challenge for the other band to top that.

© Wings of the Wind: A Cornucopia of Poetry

The Imperfection of Mea Culpa

mea culpa, guilt, fault, face in hands

Image Credit: George Hodan

Self-idolatry. Nowadays, it is difficult to find people who willingly and without prompt, admit to their wrongdoing regardless of how big or small the offense may be. Somehow, there is always an excuse that becomes reasonable doubt to let the offender off the hook and makes the victim the fall guy or fall girl.

To have the decency to admit mea culpa is to take ownership of the impending consequences of self-righteous error and to do it courageously.

Mea culpa is a Latin phrase that means “through my fault” and is an acknowledgment of one’s error, or have done something wrong.

Damage Control of Mea Culpa

My tongue was hidden
to admit Mea Culpa
let the truth be told.

© Kym Gordon Moore

The Art and Poetry of Music That Makes You Move


Put on your dancing shoes and let’s dance! Stroke your art brush with the fluidity of vibrant, festive paint and watch your canvas dance. Dip your literary pen in the finest hues of ink and allow the sword of colors to engage in swashbuckling adventure.

Music Makes You Move

Dance styles, origins and fads
form a novelty during a time
where the fashion and pulse of music
possesses body movements like a puppet on a string.

Do you remember the dance of your era
were you a dancing machine or had two left feet
whether a waltz, tap or the jitterbug
the rhythm makes you move to a spiritual beat.

Do you smile when you remember the boogie-woogie
the Charleston, quickstep or Calypso
do you laugh when you recall the jerk or funky chicken
doing the Macarena, the pony or disco?

Are you serious when you dance the foxtrot
do the hustle, tango or salsa
are you carefree when dancing hip-hop
what about the twist, shag or rumba?

Are you regimented with ballet or ballroom
doing the robot or Irish step-dancing
regardless of the timing or the instrumental beat
the rhythm fits a mood, whether celebrating or romancing.

© 2013 Wings of the Wind: A Cornucopia of Poetry

Today’s Poetry: As the Day Star Rises

Sun, Sunrise, Sky, Poetry

Image Credit: Ronald Carlson

Every morning we awake, we have been given an incredible gift of a new day. Enjoy your sunrises and your sunsets!

As the Day Star Rises

Billowing clouds outlined in soft peach and luscious lilac
proclaiming the arrival from whence the sun cometh
the morning star ascending in the heavenly sky
a vision, though familiar, yet never before seen.

The light, a seductive magnet
never tiring of its strength and influence
inspiring new discoveries of growth and exploration
spraying angelic rays through clouds to infinity.

Daily challenges attack our positive energy
yet fail to rob us of our joy
abundant blessings in the midst of my sight
what awesome creations given by God.

As the sun sets in the western sky
engulfed in glorious splashes of tangerine and violet
a tender serenade of nature’s background music
features salutations to the approaching dusk.

Anxiously we rest and wait
for the return of the powerful light divine
watching life unfold just a little bit more
never taking for granted the scope of its might.

© 2013 Wings of the Wind: A Cornucopia of Poetry

Sunrise, Day Star, Sun, Poetry

Image Credit: Amateur Pic