Shadows of the Deep, a Haiku

Poetry, Haiku

Image Credit: JL Field

Shadows of the Deep

Where dark shadows lurk
in depths of the wilderness
light breaks the silence.

© Kym Gordon Moore


All That Glitters Haiku

Glitter, Shine, Sparkle

When you think about glitter, what comes to mind? A creative art project? Christmas decor? The finest gems? A disco ball?

To glitter, sparkle or shine cannot be without the essence of light. The reflection of light creates a luminescent aura of being alive, colorful and festive. Even as the sun’s rays bounce off a blanket of snow, slivers of ice capture that light and cast a sparkle and shine, which brings the landscape to life. 

Glitter, Sparkle

All That Glitters

To shine and sparkle

to capture the festive cheer

from a ray of light.

© Kym Gordon Moore

Glitter, Shine, Sparkle

All that glitters fills the heart with a wonderland of angelic sounds, like strumming melodies from the delicate caress across a harpist’s strings. As a shower of fairy dust blown through the air, the drifting glittering flecks are quite magical in the flashes of light.

Ugh…Tis the Season for Those Pesky June Bugs

Japanese beetles, Bugs, Pests, Insects, June bug

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June Bug Feast

Japanese beetles
ruthless, invasive June bugs
terrorize gardens.

© Kym Gordon Moore

The Japanese beetle (Popillia japonica), or what we call June Bugs here in the south, are coming out in full force to skeletonize leaves, demolish plants and create terror in our gardens. Ugh! 😦

Tongues of Thorns and Thistles

Bullying, Anger

First Amendment: Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

We are fortunate to have the amendments to our constitution for the protection of our various rights in different sectors of our existence. While I believe in our amendments, I don’t believe in abusing those rights. Let me focus right now on our freedom of speech, press and peaceful assemblies to voice our grievances.

It saddens me to hear and read cruel and tasteless comments by people towards others who are different from them culturally, racially, politically, educationally, spiritually, or physically. Such blatant and non-compassionate speeches are nothing more than bullying, whether voiced orally or written. People affected by such cruelty feel a sense of humiliation and that is not morally acceptable. We must do better to bridle our tongue, and be sensitive to others as you would want them to be sensitive to you!

Tongues of Thorns and Thistles

A little member that can boast great things
it can build up, strengthen and encourage
it can plant, heal and create peace

left unbridled, it causes much destruction
born of strife and deceit in the heart
abominable words as sharp as a sword

striking like a bitter arrow, kindling fires of malevolence
a voice of written words or uttered in harsh overtones
unlearned, untamable, spewing lies and division

of thorns and thistles, tormented by the flame of fire
cruel words like a millstone hanging around one’s neck
a brazen tongue launching words that can never come back.

© Kym Gordon Moore

Social platforms have in some ways morphed into a battleground of salacious, sordid, cruel, unfair, and uncalled-for namecalling and insults. Where has our sense of compassion and humanity gone when bullying becomes the new normal? I really don’t think this is what the author(s) of the First amendment intended when this clause was composed. Think twice before you speak once.

Today’s Inner Poet: Society of I


Hypnotized by a society of I

what I want, what I get, what I got, what I do

look at me, me one, it’s all about me

I love me and the status I possess

now, falling off a cliff of self-centeredness

self-indulgence, self-made, selfishness, self-exaltation

ending in a pit of I, here I am

alone, angered, in agony, and alienated

oh what, oh what shall I do?

© Kym Gordon Moore

The Poetry of Horsing Around


Ever since I used to watch old western movies, I loved the poetic agileness of horses kicking up trails of dust. I think horses are regal creatures, roaming wild and running in pastoral freedom. Yet even with the pomp and circumstance of show horses, some draped in ceremonial regalia exhibiting such discipline and exhibition of a true champion, whatever the breed, these are without question, charismatic and graceful animals.

Horsing Around

Riding on horseback 

saddled, trotting, galloping

hoofed and distinctive.

©Kym Gordon Moore


Poetry of an Origami Dance

Origami, Art, Paper, Paper Folding

Remember those paper airplanes we used to fold in school, take aim and then send them airborne where they quite possibly ended up landing somewhere in the vicinity of the teacher? Getting caught wasn’t funny then but this was my first introduction to origami. Origami, the Japanese art of paper folding has been practiced since the Edo period (1603–1867).

The practice and application of mathematics allow origami artists to construct a variety of geometrical designs. There are several types of origami: Action origami, Modular origami, Wet-folding origami, Pureland origami, Kirigami, Strip folding and Origami Tessellations. Semi to very intricate designs requires disciplined patience, practice, and precision. Are you an origami artist?

Origami, Japanese Paper Folding

Poetry of an Origami Dance

Crease fold, crease fold, shape
three-dimensional paper
colorful textures.

© Kym Gordon Moore

Origami, Japanese Paper Folding

Origami, Japanese Paper Folding

Origami, Japanese Paper Folding

Origami, Japanese Paper Folding

Origami, Japanese Paper Folding