Poetry of The Peaceful Plumage

Feathers, Poetry, Plumage, Birds

Image credit: Richard Revel

The Peaceful Plumage

I watched a feather somersault outside my window
it drifted through the air swept by a gentle breeze
in its unobtrusive presence, it gave me peace
where it landed I know not, for it floated away.

©Kym Gordon Moore


Mr. Mandarin, the Duckus Causing All the Ruckus

Mandarin Duck, Ducks, Central Park Duck

The famous Central Park mandarin duck has been vacationing in New Jersey. (DON EMMERT / AFP/Getty Images)

Mr. Mandarin

Oh, bright perching duck

festive, multi-textural

like abstract paintings.

© Kym Gordon Moore

Where on earth did it come from people wondered? This beautiful duck whose species is found in East Asia appeared inconspicuously one day in the pond of Central Park in New York. This colorful and exotic bird is very social and began to intermingle with the community of Mallard ducks in the park. Oddly this beautiful duck usually nests in trees. 

Recently the male duck was missing from the pond which brought on a ripple of panic by onlookers and birdwatchers. Where did it go they wondered. Interestingly, the Mandarin duck was recently spotted vacationing in New Jersey. What a hoot!

Guess What? Curiosity Didn’t Kill All of the Cats

Cats, Curiosity


They said curiosity killed the cat. How very sad.

What they didn’t know, is that the other eight lives

learned the rules of engagement,

equipped themselves with tactical gear

for better covert operations

became more observant,

and lived to operate curiosity with greater finesse.


Deck the Walls with Boughs of Poetry

Poetry, Kym Gordon Moore, Deck the Walls with Boughs of Poetry

The halls may be decked with boughs of holly, but the walls are decked with boughs of poetry! Lots and lots of holiday poetry in motion.

Poetry has a way

of absorbing the essence flowing through the air

in its present condition,

regardless of its sense of or lack of calm and order.

Poetry through wordart has its angles,

slants, arcs, and waves of creativity

penetrating the pulse of such expressionism.

Tis the season

to deck your walls with boughs of poetry,

in any adventurous way, shape or form you can.

Celebrating the holiday season of poetry!

In Line to the Throne, Long Live the Queen

Throne, Chair


The Queen of Her Castle

The Empress, queen of her castle

sits in the seat for such an elite dignitary as she

where there is no vanity or struggle for the throne

just a collective effort to produce nature’s rations

this is not a game, where workers are busy at their tasks

will one bee be worthy enough to be next in line for her crown

they scurry, as the act of superseding is the norm for the throne’s successor.

©Kym Gordon Moore


Queen Bee, Poetry, Beehive

Jean Beaufort

Beauty in the Season of Life

Black-capped Chickadee On Pumpkin

Sheila Brown

One does not need a special place

or a special time

or a special season

to enjoy and appreciate

the beauty of nature’s diversity and bounty.

For nature does not argue about who is more superior, who is more important, where they came from, what their net worth is or how they look. They just know that together they complement each other and make a beautifully bold statement, that does not need words to speak volumes.