Seahorses, Delicate Little Sea Thoroughbreds

Fish, Seahorse, Lydia Jacobs

Horse Under the Sea

Oh seahorse, oh seahorse, hippocampus of the sea

is there an ocean derby somewhere, a seahorse race for thee?

In coral reefs, and seagrass comfortably you dwell

with a long-snouted nose and a gripping prehensile tail.

Fish, Seahorse, Lydia Jacobs

You fascinate me, oh spiny, knobby sea thoroughbred

dorsal and pectoral fins, not resembling a fish at all

colorful, well-camouflaged, bobbing and drifting you are

sail on little sea dragon, you’re no mythical creature by far.

© Kym Gordon Moore

Seahorse, Fish, Petr Kratochvil


An Early Surprise from Yucca da Plant

Yucca Plant, Kym Gordon Moore

pinpoint sword-shaped leaves
beautiful flower clusters
native yucca plant

I am simply amazed by the early blooms that started popping up from one of my yucca plants all of a sudden, like rabbits in heat! 😀 This particular yucca plant is my biggest since it had a bunch of pups a couple of years ago that shot up out of nowhere.

Last year the large terminal panicles produced these clusters of beautiful cream-colored flowers in late summer, so imagine my surprise seeing them blossom this early this year.

Yucca plants grow literally anywhere and you honestly can’t kill these things. They seem to thrive in hot and arid places in my area, but they are also native in the Caribbean, New Zealand, Mexico, Guatemala and parts of Canada.

Kym Gordon Moore, Yucca Plant

The one thing I must warn you about these plants is that their sword-shaped, bayonet style leaves contain a sharp-spined needle tip that is extremely painful if you get stuck by one, or two or three. Trust me, it is PAINFUL!!!

To avoid those brushes with these sinister pinpoint tips, you can snip them off to avoid another close encounter of the painful kind. The blossoms are short term and after they have all withered on the stalk I have to sadly snip the stalk as close to the plant as possible only leaving the green foliage behind.

If you’re looking for a fuss-free, easy-to-grow plant for your garden, a yucca plant might be a consideration. If you are digging it up from another area, there is no problem transplanting them.

Poetry of A Checkered Past

Checkers, Paul Brennan

Growing up in a pre-digital era, a game of checkers was always competitive but also a relaxing pastime and leisure activity. This board game was once a popular favorite among young and old alike.

Oh, how I miss such times of the past when conversations were just as slow and methodical as a good ole game of checkers.

A Checkered Past

Clink, clink, it’s your move
on the checkerboard hop

did you do a bad thing
to shut down your opponent

a strategy of diagonal moves
an epic leap in your square of squares

piece by piece, single or multiple jumps
alternating pigments on weathered wood

played by two sitting under a shade tree
sipping on lemonade or sweetened iced tea

a mathematical game of concentration
peering down like a hunter at its prey

landing and commandeering the opposite end
boldly say to your opponent, “King Me!”

© Kym Gordon Moore

Checkers, Board Game, Poetry, Circe Denyer

Flying Under the Influence

Flying, Hummingbird, Jean Beaufort

Where do I go when I want to fly
I leap up, up and away

Flying, Eagle, Jean Beaufort

where do I go when I want to soar
rise higher, and higher than I’ve ever flown before

Flying, Butterfly, Vera Kratochvil

and when the winds are too strong
with such force that makes me waver

Bee, Flying, Kevin Phillips

I simply lift my head and stay focused
then cruise on the wind with my wings.

© Kym Gordon Moore

Are Greeting Cards Really Becoming Extinct? Say it Ain’t So!

Greeting Cards

Photo courtesy

I love greeting cards. I simply enjoy looking through many of my old cards that people who have long since passed away sent. It makes you appreciate their sentiments even more.

I suppose I am just old fashioned and prefer traditional greetings over digital ones. Personally, I think writing letters, personal handwritten notes and sending a greeting card for any occasion is more intimate than a text or digital e-card even though hard copies get to their destinations longer. Now, I do send e-greetings when I am posting a personal sentiment to someone on social media or just a quick thinking-about-you text attached with an image.

Although there was this daunting task before me to go through hundreds of all-occasion greeting cards I kept through the years from friends, family, and coworkers, I had to decide which ones to keep, recycle or discard. You can’t imagine how emotional that was for me. Still, I love to give and receive them throughout the year although many people favor digital alternatives instead.

There’s so much more to a greeting card than just a piece of paper. The artwork, the poetry of the words and even the shape of the cards show a cohesive, artistic engineering of these elements. The thought, imagination, and creativity that goes into producing a greeting card can be more arduous, yet rewarding than expected.

Even more, we are seeing a drastic shift and reduction in the amount of linear square footage in retail locations that once displayed a wide assortment of greeting cards. Many greeting card companies have closed the majority of their free-standing specialty stores (like Hallmark and American Greetings). While some cards are made with recyclable materials and recycled paper, environmental and sustainability concerns also play a part in the decline of hard copy cards.

Still, the nostalgia of the greeting card explosion resounds with heart and soul, even in the midst of the digital revolution.

Today’s Poetry Spotlight: Epidemic of Fluid Proportions

Linnaea Mallette, Poetry

Epidemic of Fluid Proportions

Awashed in bittersweet childhood memories
he watched remnants of silver maple trees he climbed
drift haphazardly upstream to an anonymous burial plot
clear cool waters he once swam and fished in as a kid
are now dumping grounds of litter and squalor
from the careless and the uncaring.

Senseless attitudes
a selfishness infecting elements of creation
toxic poisons of mass destruction
intensifying deformities and disorders
destroying immune and ecological systems.

A stream connecting to a canal
that connects to a river connecting to an ocean
from the sea connecting to waters
flowing through pipes for internal consumption
quenching the parched and wilted.

This plague is not limited to a chosen race
gender, social status or nation;
while many choose to ignore this concern
through carelessness, ignorance or lack of knowledge
we must kill this epidemic
for it may not be quarantined from exposure
eventually producing global pandemonium
he watched and sadness behind his tears wax discontentment.

Wings of the Wind: A Cornucopia of Poetry ©2013

Happy #NationalPoetryMonth

A Day Full of Photographic Cuteness

Anne Geddes, Photography

Image Credit: Anne Geddes

Awww…how precious you might say when you look a picture capturing the blessed innocence of babies and children. Such moments make us appreciate the magic and joy these images spark! 🙂

Anne Geddes, Photography

Image Credit: Anne Geddes

Anne Geddes, one of the world’s most renowned and iconic photographers is known to capture the imagery of babies and children in some of the most creative, adorable, breathtaking, artistic, and heartwarming images.

Anne Geddes, Photography

Image Credit: Anne Geddes

Nature is a common theme in Geddes’ photos and such elemental representation reminds us of the innocence, beauty, and fragileness the world presents to us. I could not do the description of her amazing work justice so I want you to click here and check out her site for yourself. If you have never heard of Anne Geddes, let me warn you, you will be intrigued by the artistry and poetry of her incredible work.

Anne Geddes, Photography

Image Credit: Anne Geddes

Enjoy these special moments of smiles as we also recognize the value and protection of our children during National Child Abuse Prevention Month. What a sweet and refreshing welcome into the newness of Spring!