Something Different

Try something fresh
Do something new
Revamp, reinvent, revise
Make a positive change for you!

-Kym Gordon Moore © All Rights Reserved

Every day, we change, whether we feel like it or not, we do. Spring cleaning reminds us to clean up, to change a few things, to get rid of the old, the drab and the clutter, and then bring in something new and fresh.

Sometimes when you find that you are entering a zone that looks dismal or uninspiring, you may have to change something immediately. Sometimes those changes may be drastic to spruce up your space, whatever your space is. In your home, it may take a fresh coat of paint, a new rug, some new throw pillows, planting some colorful flowers, rearranging the furniture or simply getting rid of the contents in overstuffed closets that will make you feel lighter, better and more alive.

Your personal changes may entail getting a new hairdo, buying a new pair of shoes, intensifying your exercise program, trying out some new funky nail colors, eating at a new restaurant, visiting some new places, perhaps reading more books or doing something to educate your mind are a few things that can be easy, positive attitude enhancers.

Today, I did a little blog Spring cleaning and you are seeing a new look which has inspired new adventures and more writing. Go ahead, be inspired and dare to change, no matter how big or small!


I Love the Night Lights

Parliament, City Lights, Night Reflections

Parliament Building At Night

There is something mystical and magical about the aura of city lights at night that takes your breath away.

Seattle, Night Lights, City Lights

Seattle Skyline

A city skyline shows the brilliance of a vibrant nightlife!

Night Lights, City Lights, Nantong

Nantong Night Lights

Mirrored reflections in the water bring out an exquisite architectural montage.

New York, City Lights, Night Reflections


Skyscrapers tower stoically over the river below.

City Lights, Hungarian Parliament

Hungarian Parliament

The subtlety of oceanic hues brings out the tranquility of night glows.

City Lights, Chicago, Night Reflections

Chicago Skyline

Lake views give a majestic portrait in the Windy City.

Eiffle Tower, Night Lights

Eiffel Tower

Powerful, erect and regal.

Night Lights, City Lights, Széchenyi Chain Bridge

Széchenyi Chain Bridge

The lifeline of a bridge against a wall of buildings.

Prague Castle, Night Lights, City Lights

Prague Castle

Pristine glows in a wintry backdrop.

New York, City Lights, Times Square

Times Square

The lights are bright on Broadway!


Las Vegas Strip (Image Credit:

The poetry of the brightest show on earth in Nevada!

Celebrating Our Mothers


Mothers. It seems like we can never tire of saying enough about them. For those of you who are still blessed to have your mother around, then treasure those precious opportunities to spend time with her. For those of us whose mother has passed on from this life, we will always have fond memories of times we spent with them. For those of you who have fathers, guardians, aunts, grandmothers or stepmothers who are surrogates acting in a maternal capacity, then it behooves you to cherish that.

For all mothers, past and present, I honor you with this poem “I Applaud You” and wish all of you a very Happy Mother’s Day!

I Applaud You

I applaud you for the strength you unselfishly earned
your nurturing gift you so willingly impart
your character, immeasurable and priceless
your gentle spirit, so humble and genuine.

I applaud your determination to fight for the common good
your comfort during times of sadness, pain and grief
your encouragement during those moments when someone wants
to give up
your heart, more precious than the facets in a perfect diamond.

I applaud your tears of joy, glistening down your cheeks during
your carefree attitude to enjoy life and live it abundantly
your wisdom from life’s lessons of hard knocks and
your test of endurance to stand up, amid all reasoning to stay

Regardless of what you’ve suffered
been diagnosed with
or the pain from heartbreaks you’ve endured,
I applaud you for your survival skills
despite the cards that you were dealt.

Your inner beauty radiates your graciousness
turning obstacles into stepping stones
ugliness into beauty
discouragement into courage
skepticism into faith
despair into hope
with complete reverence of God
I applaud you.

– Kym Gordon Moore (from the book “Wings of the Wind: A Cornucopia of Poetry,” 2013)

Your Attitude, Your Character…YOU

Attitude, Character, Mindset, Relationships

What does your attitude speak about you?

The most destructive habit: WORRY
The greatest joy: GIVING
The greatest loss: SELF-RESPECT
The most satisfying work: HELPING OTHERS
The ugliest personality trait: SELFISHNESS
Our greatest natural resource: OUR YOUTH
The greatest ‘shot in the arm’: ENCOURAGEMENT
The greatest problem to overcome: FEAR
The most effective sleeping pill: PEACE OF MIND
The most crippling failure disease: EXCUSES
The most powerful force in life: LOVE
The most dangerous pariah: A GOSSIPER
The world’s most incredible computer: THE BRAIN
The worst thing to be without: HOPE
The deadliest weapon: THE TONGUE
The two most power-filled words: I CAN
The greatest asset: FAITH
The most worthless emotion: SELF-PITY
The most beautiful attire: YOUR SMILE
The most prized possession: SELF ESTEEM
The most powerful channel of communication: PRAYER
The most contagious spirit: ENTHUSIASM
~ Unknown Author

Meet Me At The Playground

Playground, Nationl Playground Safety Week, Playing

National Playground Safety Week 2017 is April 24-28. Playgrounds are not only a place to focus on the safety of children’s outdoor play environments, but a time for children to educationally engage in an active environment. For more information about National Playground Safety Week, be sure to check out the National Program for Playground Safety and find out how to inspect your local playgrounds and complete playground safety checks and evaluations.

To celebrate this week I would like to share the following poem Forever Young at the Playground as my salute to childhood memories and wholesome fun at the neighborhood playground.

Forever Young at the Playground

The old woman was there every day
sitting on a weathered wooden garden bench
listening to bursts of laughter and screams of joy-filled excitement
reminders of her youth and times spent in the great outdoors

long since widowed, alone but not lonely, she came
she sat and watched with her cane laying on the seat nearby
once occupied by her husband swept in arms of youthful gladness
seesaws, monkey bars, jungle gyms and swings
a merry-go-round, slides, sandboxes and playhouses

watching the children’s flexibility, and carefree attitudes
flipping, running with daring cartwheel competitions
she watches as everyone leaves then grabs her cane
walking over to the steps of the slide, climbing up
she sat at the top, and surveys the playground

taking a deep breath with feet extended
she came gliding down, landing bottom first in the sand
sitting there for a moment, slightly stunned
suddenly a belly laugh erupted that almost made her gag
she grabbed her cane, propped herself up, brushed herself off
towards the swings she set her sight and then walks

she remembers the teeter-totters, tetherballs and animal springers
scars from their rambunctious games of outdoor play was honorable
she sits in the seat, grabs the vinyl coated chains
legs positioned to push off, but feels tiny hands on her back
a voice says softly, “Let me push you grandma”
with a smile and a tear streaming down one cheek
she says “Ok” and as she sways back and forth
sprinkles of her youth flashes before her
at the playground, she will always be forever young and free.

-Kym Gordon Moore

Happy #NationalPlaygroundSafetyWeek during #NationalPoetryMonthPlayground, Playground Equipment

How Does Your Garden Grow?

National Garden Month, Planting, Gardens

Ah, the poetry of gardens! Whether you have a flower garden, water garden, herb garden or vegetable garden, around the world people are connecting with nature by planting, landscaping and creating indoor, outdoor and container gardens. Take a field trip to your local nursery or garden shop for plants and flowers that will work well in your neck of the woods. As we celebrate National Garden Month, take a stroll through our garden shots for a bit of inspiration for your garden, and for creating some great poetry!

Garden, National Garden Month, Nature

Gardens, National Garden Month

Container Garden, National Garden Month

Garden, National Garden Month

Nature, Water Garden

National Garden Month, Gardens, Nature

Happy #NationalGardenMonth

Botanical Gardens, National Garden Month