A Nostalgic Moment: Remembering a Time of ‘When’

Poetry, Brown Box, Parcel, George Hodan

Nostalgia can bring you to a time of ‘when.’ It’s a reminder of experiences, emotions, escapades, risk-taking accomplishments, challenges, and heartbreaks. While going back down memory lane, there are some things we wish we could erase but can’t, and we wonder about the things we could have possibly soared from had we tried.

I am probably from the last generation where handwritten letters were the popular e-mail, as well as a relevant form of communication. So, I sat down one day, opened a dust-encrusted brown cardboard box, peeked in at the letters I saved from decades ago and began savoring a forgotten past.

Letters in a Brown Box

Digging into dark corners
amid cobwebs in the closet
reaching for elapsed keepsakes
a time disregarded as memory escapes

my fingertips groped the cardboard object
with ninety degree angles, yet not sharp
I pulled and uncovered the familiar looking box
alas, what could the contents be?

Buried under forgotten treasures
high school badges, pins, and greeting cards
remembering that familiar handwriting
on envelopes which have long since yellowed

as I anxiously opened each letter
of an intimate conversation years past
I began to remember with a smile, then a laugh
as my eyes welled with heartbroken tears

after hours of reading and reminiscing
the day has long transitioned to night
yet I neither tire of the memories
times that eluded my thoughts through the years

one would think I shall toss these letters
but I can’t because they are precious treasures
those that others cannot understand nor connect to
with intimate memories that belong to me

carefully I restack those forgotten letters
precious jewels that cannot be sold in this box
for it is in my heart that I hold these artifacts
even if my conscious mind decides to forsake me.

© Kym Gordon Moore

The Poetry of Walking in Unity

Lee Wag, Poetry

Walk in Unity

Walk in unity oh children of the Light
a house divided will inevitably fall
practice the divine fruits of the Spirit
one faith, one baptism, one Lord for all.

No matter how big and no matter how small
each person possesses a precious gift
an important piece of the universal puzzle
to unify, to uphold and to uplift.

For when we feel weak
it is then we are strong
with faith, hope and trust
we can never, ever go wrong.

We stick to the fight
when we feel the hardest hit
with resiliency and even-temperedness
walk in unity and vow to never quit!

©Wings of the Wind, A Cornucopia of Poetry

The Poetry of “Mom’s Cup” for National Hot Tea Month

National Hot Tea Month, Poetry, Kym Gordon Moore

As we bring National Hot Tea Month to a close, I am again featuring this poem “Mom’s Cup” in memory of my mother that was published online in TeaMuse for Adagio Teas in 2005.

Mom’s Cup

Defining a remedy that was clearly the best
as the warm fluid coated our irritated throats
Mom’s cup of hot lemon tea
sang a silent lullaby for a good night’s rest.
This ritual could not be rushed
for the cup of hot lemon tea
would not permit that to be.

Cradled in her floral tapestry rocking chair
she savored the hot fluid in a fine, gold rim bone china teacup
often falling asleep engulfed in tranquility
like a butcher’s scale
balancing the cup on her lap
never once spilling a single drop.

Touching her gently
not to abruptly startle her
I whispered, “Mom wake up.”
Opening her eyes
smiling and resuming her metrical rocking
with a pacifying look
and a calm demure reply
she stated, “I wasn’t asleep, only resting my eyes.”

Picking up the same habit
whether my throat was irritated or not
slowly drifting to an enticing nap
tranquilized and unable to finish that nice hot brew
on my lap I balance a cup and saucer
hearing the whisper of a yet familiar voice saying
“Wake up before you burn yourself!”

Wings of the Wind: A Cornucopia of Poetry © 2013 Kym Gordon Moore

The Poetry of Why I Dance


Why Do I Dance?

I dance because I’m happy
I dance because I’m free
I dance because I am loved
I dance because I am me.

I dance every morning I wake
I dance when I learn something new
I dance when I am blessed to work
I dance when there’s something productive to do.

I dance at the singing of the birds
I dance as I listen to the falling rain
I dance for the sake of giving
I dance because I know my living isn’t in vain.

I really don’t need a reason
To dance the way I do
I dance because I am me
You dance because you are you.

©2013 Wings of the Wind: A Cornucopia of Poetry

Silence is Golden

Piotr Siedlecki, Night Sky, Moon

Her presence rapped on my window in the middle of the night

peering down at me through a leafless oak tree

shrouded by a thick audience of wintry clouds

we stared at each other by the opulent glow in a winter solstice

a nod of admiration where words need not be spoken, oh heavenly one.

Snow Angels Weave Poetry in the Bitter Cold

Poetry, Snow angel

Image Credit: Petr Kratochvil

Plunging into layers of freshly fallen snow
blustery, frigid, through the wind icy flakes flow
where laughter fills the misty whimsical mold
a heavenly presence in the bitter cold
and as the perfect angel quietly melts away
another shall be designed on that next wintry day.

© Kym Gordon Moore

And So I Shine, in Celebration, in Memory of, in Meditation


I sit here in the presence of darkness, thinking about this time of the year when you see insurmountable members of my family commemorating and observing some momentous occasion or event. You can snuff me out, but I am present, delivering a light that can be warm, romantic, mellow or haunting.

I am there for Hanukkah, Advent, Christmas, and Kwanzaa. I am there for birthdays, viduals, prayer offerings, and weddings. I am there commemorating romantic dinners and times for meditation. I am there for Diwali, Tōrō Nagashi and Makha Bucha Day.

I can be a little extravagant or demure, but I shine the brightest when darkness encompasses me. I add calm when shadows create fear. Yet, I know I am a beacon of light that reminds people to remain hopeful during uncertain times.

And so I shine. I am candlelight.