TheraPoetry: The 5-Point Healing Properties of POEMS

TheraPoetry developed by Kym Gordon Moore, author of Wings of the Wind: A Cornucopia of Poetry. The healing power of poetry.TheraPoetry: The 5-Point Healing Properties of POEMS
By Kym Gordon Moore

Have you ever found yourself in a place where it seems literally impossible to shake off personal feelings of weakness and vulnerability that propels you into a state of gloom or frustration? Often we experience some type of unpleasantness, whether it is physical, mental, emotional or spiritual, that sometimes feels overwhelming and inescapable. Since Biblical times, poems (Psalms) have expressed innermost feelings, observations, lamentations or victories from the writer. While poems can depict expressions of love, joy, freedom and exaltation, they can also serve as a therapeutic medium for addressing and overcoming loneliness, tragedy, abuse, pain, grief or heartbreaks.

Are there certain words, music, smells, flavors or sounds like a trickling brook or the crash of ocean waves that relaxes you? Have you ever tried using TheraPoetry when you find yourself in a slump? TheraPoetry (therapy or healing through poetry) can help you navigate your way to personal healing through the written word. Try this suggested 5-point “POEMS” formula to begin your journey to writing and poetry healing:

1. Perception Phase: Awareness of what is causing downtrodden emotions. You recognize that something or someone is creating the stress.

2. Own-Up Phase: Acknowledge that these feelings of brokenness and depression are real so that you can deal with them. This step is coming to terms with the root of your problem.

3. Expression Phase: Write down how you feel. Read more here

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