Monday Music Motivation: Raise Your Happy Level Today

Music, Happiness, Gratitude

Today, I invite you to raise your happiness and gratitude meter as we get our Monday Music Motivation on! Every day I read about or hear someone discussing the downward, depressive craziness that we encounter and tend to worry about each day.

So as we look ahead to this new week, refusing to allow negativity to win, here’s your happiness tip for today and each day you need to resort to it: Find one upbeat song, listen to it from beginning to the end, and dance. That’s right dance. No matter where you may be, even at work, put in your earplugs or put on your headphones if you have to, dance (and you don’t have to be a professional mind you) and then sit back down and get back to your work. It’s that simple! So if you’re feeling down, this is a mere suggestion for a quick pick me up, sort of like an energy drink! 😀

Happy #MondayMusicMotivation

The Poetry of Why I Dance


Why Do I Dance?

I dance because I’m happy
I dance because I’m free
I dance because I am loved
I dance because I am me.

I dance every morning I wake
I dance when I learn something new
I dance when I am blessed to work
I dance when there’s something productive to do.

I dance at the singing of the birds
I dance as I listen to the falling rain
I dance for the sake of giving
I dance because I know my living isn’t in vain.

I really don’t need a reason
To dance the way I do
I dance because I am me
You dance because you are you.

©2013 Wings of the Wind: A Cornucopia of Poetry

The Art and Poetry of Music That Makes You Move


Put on your dancing shoes and let’s dance! Stroke your art brush with the fluidity of vibrant, festive paint and watch your canvas dance. Dip your literary pen in the finest hues of ink and allow the sword of colors to engage in swashbuckling adventure.

Music Makes You Move

Dance styles, origins and fads
form a novelty during a time
where the fashion and pulse of music
possesses body movements like a puppet on a string.

Do you remember the dance of your era
were you a dancing machine or had two left feet
whether a waltz, tap or the jitterbug
the rhythm makes you move to a spiritual beat.

Do you smile when you remember the boogie-woogie
the Charleston, quickstep or Calypso
do you laugh when you recall the jerk or funky chicken
doing the Macarena, the pony or disco?

Are you serious when you dance the foxtrot
do the hustle, tango or salsa
are you carefree when dancing hip-hop
what about the twist, shag or rumba?

Are you regimented with ballet or ballroom
doing the robot or Irish step-dancing
regardless of the timing or the instrumental beat
the rhythm fits a mood, whether celebrating or romancing.

© 2013 Wings of the Wind: A Cornucopia of Poetry

The Poetry of Guitars during International Guitar Month

Guitars, Poetry, International Guitar Month, Music, Stringed Instrument

Do you play the guitar? Why do so many people love playing this popular musical instrument? Well, get your guitar muse on because April is International Guitar Month. Guitar enthusiasts around the world are finding creative ways to express their admiration and love for this instrument. During National Poetry Month, here’s a little haiku love as music fills the air!

Guitar Song

Amplified wood box
whispers of strings-a-strummin’
fretted instrument.

© Kym Gordon Moore

Music, Guitar, Poetry, International Guitar Month

International Guitar Month, Music, Art, National Poetry Month

Music, Guitars

guitars, music

music, guitars, instruments

Happy #NationalPoetryMonth

Are the Lines of Art and Music Blurred by Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence, AI, Tech, Innovation

Are the lines between art, music and artificial intelligence really becoming blurred? I read an article in Scientific American about creativity, value and artistic judgment regarding robotically generated art and music. The question about how the lines could become blurred in relation to the impact AI generated creations would have on human creativity could really jeopardize our time, talents, imagination, value and products.

If you are an artist, musician, photographer or even a writer, although I am one who is intrigued by the capability of artificial intelligence, does it scare you just as much as it does me on how such productivity could have a horrific effect on how our individual value and worth is seen?

Art, Music, Artificial Intelligence

Image credit: Jay Bendt

The advancement of technology has affected practically everyone around the world, whether you are techno-savvy or not. Please take a moment to read this article from Science American, Is Art Created by AI Really Art?

As an artist, musician, photographer or writer do you think this is a legitimate reason for concern, or is this much ado about nothing?

The Birds Are Alive with the Sound of Music

Winter, Birds, Snow

Image credit: JB Stran

There’s no doubt that these arctic cold temperatures many of us have been experiencing over the past several weeks aren’t leaving us in that jubilant spirit we saw Julie Andrews portraying as she sang “The Sound of Music.” Nope, I think it is safe to say that we are far too busy focusing on how to stay warm.

Birds, Winter

This morning, I opened the blinds to my windows and looked outside at the small lake glistening through a chorus of leafless trees behind our house and wah-lah, it is still very frozen. I saw a representation of sights and heard some all too familiar welcoming sounds I would typically see and hear during the Spring and Summer months. The sweet singing of a few birds, one primarily belting out some tweets on my deck, was flowing like hot maple syrup over a stack of flapjacks. I also noticed the rapid flapping wings of Bluejays, Cardinals, and Carolina Wrens flying to and fro among the barren trees. How delightful!

Winter, Birds

Image credit: JB Stran

I am always amazed by nature’s adaptation and resilience to whatever climate change or weather pattern we are experiencing. While celebrating the gift of life these birds through their communication of singing and living independently, remind me this morning that whatever external occurrences want to weigh you down with despair, anxiousness or sorrow, your attitude and approach to life in spite of these external conditions, will leave you content, and you’ll be singing your personal song of gratitude, no matter what!

Birds, Winter

Image Credit: Petr Kratochvil

Winter, Birds

Image credit: Vera Kratochvil

Winter, Ducks

Image Credit: Cristie Guevara